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Mar 7, 2009 07:24 AM

How to prepare/cook (no grill) Black Angus Tri Tip Steaks (not the roast)

I bought the Black Angus tri tip steaks from Trader Joes. These are the ones that come about 3 small size steaks to a pack. Does anyone have any proven ideas on how to cook them? Do they need a marinade? I usually cook my steaks simply with just salt and pepper and pan sear. Although grilling seems like the preferred method, I do not have a barbeque, grill, indoor grill pan. Some suggest broiling but I do not know how to broil either. Can I just bake or cook on a pan? Any cooking tips, recipes (simpler the better) would be greatly appreciated.

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    I tried these last year - always prefer the uniform crust of a pan-sear. These weren't thick enough to need finishing in the oven. I'd suggest not cooking beyond medium, and thin-slicing against the grain. I used a teriyaki marinade, dried off with paper toweling before cooking.

    1. When I I got them last at a friends house I ended up cooking. I believe We got the same thing it was just a couple of months ago. I pan seared in cast iron (a good stainless will work) I used butter and just cooked at a high temp a couple minutes on each side because they were not that thick. I did just salt/pepper but I did make a good blue cheese sauce to go with it. It was moist and a pretty crust for being small and the sauce was great. I saute some shallots in a little butter, not much, then add a little wine just a tablespoon or two, some thyme, salt and pepper or fresh parsley then add the blue cheese or gorgonzola. Melt until nice and creamy. Prefect sauce.

      Even a simple sauce made with pan dripping with a little shallots, some red wine, fresh thyme, salt and pepper and butter. Just reduce and glaze over the chicken.