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Mar 7, 2009 06:21 AM

Restaurants sourcing locally

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere -- I searched, but when I used the search restaurants sourcing locally I got eighty gazillion, none of which looked right, and when I searched "restaurants sourcing locally" I got zero. :D

We're coming in today for a quick trip, back out Monday. I'm especially interested in restaurants that source local ingredients from local growers, etc. Maybe ~$200 (including drinks) for dinner for two, $70 for lunch? Staying at Hilton Back Bay, no car, would like something within a half hour train or even better, a walk. Will taxi if necessary but we'd prefer not to. I'm from the midwest, so I'm ALWAYS interested in great seafood when I get to the coast, but I'm planning on Neptune Oyster for one meal, so I don't need seafood for all the other meals. Have a res at Oleana for Sunday night, but I could change that if anyone has a better recommendation for something that focuses on local ingredients. Happy to eat weird hours if reservations are tight at a particular place.

Thanks for any help!


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  1. tony mawes' craigie street would be a slam dunk for your sunday night. he does a chef's whim menu and is fierce in his dedication to local product.

    1. Craigie on Main is a great suggestion. I'd add T.W. Food, Hamersley's Bistro, and Ten Tables (though I've only been to the Jamaica Plain original, not the second, brand-new Cambridge location). That last one is enough of a bargain that you could drink better wine. A more modest, casual place in this vein is Garden at the Cellar.

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        I'm a big fan of Will Gilson's Garden at the Cellar. His treatment of local produce is enough to make me want to go vegetarian. No reservations at GATC so you may want to consider arriving before or after peak hours if that's one of the options you choose. You really can't go wrong with any of the options already mentioned. Also be mindful that Ten Tables (JP location) literally has 10 tables.

      2. EVOO in Somverville comes to mind, although it is dinner only

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          EVOO also has the more casual Za in Arlington just over the border from Cambridge with lots of local goodness in their delicious salads, pizzas, and desserts. It's really get when in that area, but probably not a destination. It is open for lunch and dinner. The service is warm and friendly. Beer and wine only.

        2. Thank you, all! I'm going to go see what the concierge can do for me at one of these tonight and/or tomorrow -- best wishes, and thanks for the help!

          1. Wow, great meal last night at Craigie on Main! We couldn't get a res before 10, so we decided to chance an early walk-in. We walked up just as they were opening and were the first ones in. Sat at the bar and had a great meal. I chose the chef's market menu -- an amuse bouche of prosciutto and fennel, a first course of farro verde with boudin and cock's comb risotto topped with a poached egg, pork two ways, and a dessert that I couldn't even touch because the two previous dishes were so luscious. My friend had potatoes galettes and halibut (I think the halibut was the best dish of the night) and we both drank cocktails (though we both usually choose beer or wine) just because the cocktails menu was so interesting and the bartenders so energetic and clearly meticulous. For instance, I chose a Blinker (grapefruit juice, sage, rye & grenadine) for my first. I like rye and grapefruit, but the thought of grenadine made me leery until I learned they make their own, and it was incredible -- not sweet at all, a perfect cocktail.

            Thanks again for all the recs -- I'll let you know if we get to some of the other suggestions!

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              There aren't many ways to make a better meal at Craigie than you did. I love sitting at that bar for dinner, and the bartending is among the best in town.