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Mar 7, 2009 06:08 AM

$35 dinner at Mistral, Sorellina, L'Andana and Mooo

I don't think this has been posted yet. Picked up a copy of the latest issue of Improper Bostonian yesterday and saw the ad:

$35 3-course dinner on Sundays & Mondays:

Two Days in Paris at Mistral
Tuscan City Supper at Sorellina
Tuscan Country Supper at L'Andana
Steak Us Out at Mooo

Promotion valid until May 4, 2009.

Has anyone tried any of these dinners yet? Not sure if the $35 dinner menus are posted at the restaurants' website.

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  1. I found it listed, with a link to the menu, on the Mistral website:

    1. The menus aren't online that I can see, only a pop-up to promote them. Those are fairly amazing prices. $35 is the mid-point for entrees at Mistral, $40 is the floor for most entrees at Sorellina and steaks at Mooo.

      I believe Hamersley's plans to do a similarly-priced three-course prix fixe as an alternative to the spring Restaurant Weeks.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        I found the menu from Mistral, from the link that Blumie posted:

        But not the other restaurants. Since all of these restaurants belong to the same group/family, it's interesting to see that Teatro is NOT participating in this.

        I agree that $35 for a 3-course dinner is quite a amazing price, for the reasons you listed. Having said that, I'm not sure the Mistral $35 menu is appealing enough to lure me there.

        1. re: y2000k

          It's not the most exciting menu, but I'd bet the endive salad followed by either the steak au poivre or the cassoulet would be pretty darn good! I also like Sorellina enough that I'd be willing to give it a try without a preview of their menu.

          1. re: merrvally

            just once, i wish a place would offer cheese as the third course. i never want sweets to finish a meal, so wind up never doing prix-fixe.

            1. re: merrvally

              I went to L'Andana to try the prix fixe. Or so I thought: The regular menu was so much more interesting than the prix fixe options that 3 of the 4 of us ended up ordering from the main menu. Which I'm sure the folks at L'Andana wouldn't be at all sad to hear. ;-)

              1. re: tunamelt

                How did the person who ordered from the prix fixe menu like it? We were thinking of trying it out, and have never been to L'Andana before. Also, is it a dressy kind of place? The restaurant looks so imposing from the outside.

                1. re: taterjane

                  Imposing? I always thought L'Andana looked like a giant discount furniture store from the outside. (I like the food.) I'd say about 20% of the crowd bothers to dress up on any given night. I think the food is worth dressing up a little for, though the ambience is much more casual (like a nicely-refinished barn) than other Columbus Restaurant Group establishments.


                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    I went once, enjoyed the food, had inexplicably careless and absent service, and had my mother joined us and her grandchildren, she would have been easily among the youngest in the room.

                    1. re: almansa

                      My wife, who had the prix fixe, went away quite happy with her food. Her entree was a pork and beef "gravy" that she definitely enjoyed.

                      I sampled her appetizer, bruschetta with goat cheese and tiny heirloom tomatoes, and it was quite good. Her dessert, which was something called chocolate crema, was not particularly interesting ... to me it tasted much like ordinary chocolate pudding with whipped cream.

                      I *love* the furniture store comment, as I thought exactly the same thing! Not being familiar with that immediate area, I actually wondered if it had been an Ethan Allen in a past life. The overbearing facade and valet parking (even though there is ample parking in a lot right out front) do build it up, in my opinion, to be something schmancier than it really is.

                      Honestly, it's dark enough inside (not at all like the photos on their web site) that I didn't notice what anyone was wearing. I agree that the interior ambiance is more casual than the exterior would suggest. Avoid jeans and you should be OK.

                      Our service was perfectly fine (then again, it was not particularly crowded). We are mid-30s and didn't feel out of place. In fact, someone had brought a very young baby there for dinner. Different strokes for different folks ...

                      Hope this helps!

                      1. re: tunamelt

                        L'Andana was new construction....not a furniture store in the past, but the resemblance is remarkable. lol.

                        1. re: Frank Enbean

                          I thought it was a golf shop before?

                          I've been there at least 1/2 dozen times and it's become one of my favorites. Excellent food, service and a nice atmosphere. i usually wear a jacket, but it nicely straddles the formal/casual boundary. You can go either way and feel at home.

                          The free valet parking, where there is a big, free parking lot right there is a bit amusing.

                        2. re: tunamelt

                          I should qualify my remarks: I was there for Brunch, and it seemed like a post-church crowd.

                          From the outside I get funeral parlor.

            2. Has anyone checked out the special menu at Mooo? The website mentions the special, but doesn't have the menu. I'd like to check it out but not if the menu is particularly uninspiring.

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              1. re: samosk318

                Is this a bit of a "bait-and-switch" because of the economy? Draw in the folks for the "sale" but no one wants the stripped down version, and they therefore start looking at the fully loaded Caddy with all the options :)

                1. re: Buddernut

                  I'm sure some restaurants do this, but I honestly didn't feel that way about L'Andana. For me in particular, two of the three PF entrees offered the night I visited involved beef, which I generally don't eat ... and other things on the regular menu looked better to me than the remaining PF entree.