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myrtle beach newbie

for the first time ever i have "let" my husband totally plan a trip and destination- it's his golfing buds for his 50th so we're off to myrtle beach in end of april. and since i'm a CPA i don't have time to research much so what are the foods of the area i shouldn't miss. i believe alot of seafood but i'm sure it will be different from west coast style that i'm used to.
so, what are the specialities, the regional dishes etc?
thanks so much

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  1. Go down to Pawley's and Litchfield----Frank's is delicious!---everything is good. Kudzu is a great deli/bakery--world's best tuna salad. Shopping is good. Go more south and Georgetown has some delicious places as well. In MB---Sea Captain's house for She Crab Soup.

    1. great restaurants on Pawlay Island.
      Louis' is among the best. we were there are loved it

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        Louis is closed. High Hammock is in its place.

      2. If you want just some really good simple fried seafood - try Seafood Hut in Calabash.
        Nothing fancy, no alcohol - but always expect to wait. Never greasy and always fresh.

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          Steak ..New York Prime
          Ruth's Chris --- In MB
          Ella's seafood ---in Calabash
          Salt Creek --Pawley's Island (up scale everthing )

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            Love Love Love Salt Creek....but it is in Murrells Inlet about 10 miles north of Pawley's Island.

        2. I've lived in the MB area since the mid 70's and have watched this place sprout up like a mushroom patch. I have seen seafood restaurants come and go like the wind that's always here. The Calabash restaurants prominent on the north end of the beach are so-so, most are seafood troughs of the buffet variety. Good for filling up on, but lacking in true quality. Murrells Inlet offers some very nice (high overhead) restaurants with their fancy little gimmicks to attract customers, but their quality is once again....so-so. For the $$ you'd spend the amount of food you get is surprisingly mediocre.

          I by-pass all restaurants in the MB area and head down to Charleston, SC to a magnificent restaurant at 215 Meeting St. It's name is Hymans Seafood and you get absolutely the best "bang for the buck" ! Treat yourself to a day drive down there and enjoy the best seafood on the SC coast. Their "Crispy Flounder" will fill up the entire platter, throw on some fried oysters and fried scallops and plan on dining for 2 hours ! Oh, and don't forget to enjoy their Boiled Peanuts that are always free 8))

          Luvan's Old South Fishcamp used to be in Garden City and was know as a "Local's place" Few outsiders knew of it and it was fantastic in itself. Alas, progress took over the land they were on and they had to move. Unfortunately for our area they moved way on the other side of Conway, SC. Very difficult to describe how to get there.

          For a different type of dinner I'd recommend Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse ! Don't waste your time with the Salad bar buffet you can start with, it'll fill you up first and you won't have any room for the most delicious meats they have to offer ! Well worth the cost !

          Enjoy you trip here !

          1. Definitely try Salt Creek. Their web site is www.saltcreekcafe.com They have great early bird specials and their menu is creative. On Hwy 17 below Garden City and before you get to Pawley's Island. Frank's is delicious.

            1. Let me start by saying that I hate buffets and the Myrtle Beach area is nothing but buffets. So let me start by recommending....... a buffet. You have to hit Prossers in Murrells Inlet. It's a country buffet unlike any buffet I've ever been to (think hot fresh food). For $12 they have the best food around - bbq, all prerequisite sides, fried fish and oysters, and the best collard greens ever. As an added benefit, the Prosser family oversees everything. Just don't be put off by the outside appearance. I think that they keep it looking run down to scare the tourists off. After dinner, be sure to hit the Marsh Walk for a drink or two and enjoy the view.
              Nance's Creekfront atthe southern end of Murrells Inlet does a great Carolina Oyster Roast (steamed oysters). Depending on the time of year that you are visiting, they may still have local oysters. Just stay away from all of the fried seafood, it's merely average.
              My favorite spot in Pawleys Island is LaPlaya, a family run mexican/south american place. The food is reasonable, drinks large and cold, and service is impeccable. I've never had a bad meal there!
              The best steak around is at a place called Angelo's in Myrtle Beach. They're cooked perfectly and about ten times cheaper than Ruth'sChris. Just stay away from the most of the Italian side of the menu.
              It's kind of sad, but there really aren't that many top notch restaurants in the land of restaurants.

              1. Greeting - I'm going to be in Myrtle Beach next weekend - it's a girls trip celebrating another one of us hitting the 4-0 mark

                What would you recommend for a nice birthday dinner?

                Any small plate restaurants? How about places with great appetizers? We like to typically order several options and share.

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                  Myrtle Beach is not really up on food trends like tapas/small plates. If you're going to be south of Myrtle try Saltcreek like one of the above posts suggested. If you're closer to Myrtle, I would spend the evening at the new Market Commons - there's an Italian place that's pretty good with a good wine bar called Travinia, there's a PF Chang's, a Tommy Bahama Cafe, Gordon Biersch, and a couple of mid range offerings from a local company - Divine Prime and Roy and Sid's. All of these places have pretty good bars with decent crowds and above average appetizer menus and the best part is that they are all 3 blocks max from each other - makes for a fun night of bar hopping. I think that Market Commons has a web site that you should be able to google.

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                    You hit the nail on the head .Out side the West Gate (17 bypass ) there is a very good italian place ,Fratelli Cafe ..Food excellent , the Piano player can play anything ..A good stop after Market Commons

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                      I'm pretty sure Fratelli's closed. It's now Mulberry Street Cafe (?) and I'm not sure if it's open yet.

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                      Thank you for the tips - I'll be sure to check them out. It seems odd that such a "vacation destination" wouldn't have more mid to higher end dining options.

                      Is this primarily because Myrtle is considered more of a family and/or golfing destination?

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                        There are many ''high end ""places such as ..Aspen Grill .Collectors Cafe, Frank's , Mayor House ,Rossi's ,Cagney's ,Greg Norman's ,ect ,but these upscale places are a bit over priced with ok food ..

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                          sorry I should have been clearer - I didn't necessarily mean expensive mediocrity ;-)

                          Where do you go for a -0 birthday or anniversary or just general celebration?

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                            Yeah. Sorry about that. I grew up outside of NY and then spent the last 12 years around DC and Baltimore so I'm kind of picky about places that claim to be upscale and don't deliver on food and service. "Chicaraleigh" hit all of the top end places in Myrtle with the exception of maybe Frank's in Pawleys. I think it's because the "upscale" restaurants also realize that they are at the beach and therefore try to remain somewhat casual. They also feel that they have to keep a certain price pointin order to keep the majority of the locals coming back to help get them through the winter - still no excuse to deliver mediocrity. Last birthday and new years, I celebrated at PF Changs and this year it will be Ruth'sChris.
                            Just keep it casual and you will probably not be disappointed.

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                        2 recs - SeaBlue and City Bar. Both have small/large plates to share and good atmosphere.