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In Prasie of Harris Teeter

I had a Doctors appointment in Porters Neck yesterday and stopped by the Harris Teeter to pick up some lunch.They have specials everyday and yesterday they had a bucket of fried chicken for 4.99 that was a whole fried chicken served up fresh and hot.Last week I got one and it was so good I returned again.But another special they have on Fridays is a foot long Sub for 3.99 So I opted for the Italian and let me tell you it was one of the best Subs I have gotton anywhere.Dressed to the max with fresh cut meats and banna peppers ,I ate half on the way home and the dressing was dripping down my arm on the way homeToday,You can get a rack of Baby Backs for 7.99 cooked till tender and I wished I could go back today .

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  1. While I do shop at HT regularly (several times a week), I'm not a fan of their fried chicken or their subs. I go to the HT that is frequented by the HT president, who lives just up the street from this location. I find the fried chicken to be dry and over-battered. It's okay for a quick meal on a busy night, but nothing I would seek out. The subs, in my opinion, are mediocre at best. The rolls are doughy grocery store bread w/ no crusty-goodness. The toppings are HT brand cold cuts.

    All that said, I like HT. They carry a good variety of brands, have great customer service and generally have fresh produce. I like that they clearly mark locally grown produce with purple signs as I prefer to support local farmers. I don't like that they seem to have a monopoly of the market here in my area. I have so many HT's within a 5 mile radius it's ridiculous.

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      I'm not a huge fan either. One way they deal with competition is by having a store every two feet and thus monopolize the market. To deal with Earth Fare, Trader Joe's and Fresh Market they have stepped up their game a bit. The fried chicken, subs and other prepared foods win no prizes but are convenient in a pinch.

    2. When we lived in Charlottesville, VA I was very impressed with their produce. Now that we're in Chapel Hill, NC I can't get over what they try to sell. Once they had a whole box of rotting shallots, and I told the produce guy and he said "well, that is what they sent us." No apology for miserable stuff, no moving it from the store floor. I'm also not a fan of the way they're constantly spraying the produce with water. It just sits in the moisture and starts to rot.

      All that said, I've never tried their fried chicken or sandwiches.

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        I'm aorry you've had such a bad experience with the HT produce, LulusMom. I think that situation is a store-by-store occurrance. The produce manager in the Raleigh Falls Village store is just awesome. I've even commended him to management.

        That said, while the price of the HT subs can be great, you get what you pay for. The bread is squishy and tasteless, the meat and cheese are equally tasteless, and loading up with peppers and oil and vinegar is the only way to get any flavor at all. I'll do it on occasion when I have to grab a fast lunch and I'm there already but it sure isn't my first, second, or even third choice.

        I've never had the fried chicken but I like the Sunday rotisserie chicken deal. I can make 2 or 3 meals for the family off of that.

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          I've noticed the produce quality does vary from store to store. For instance, the Stonecrest store, as I mentioned above, has great produce, meats, customer service, etc. The Blakeney store, on the other hand, is just the opposite in all those categories. They've made some mgmt changes and thingsare slowly getting better but it seems that the Stonecrest store in South Charlotte is their shining example that all the other stores try to live up to.

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            I have found the Harris Teeter located at Morrocroft, which is fondly nicknamed Taj Mc Teeter has the best of everything, fish, meat, produce, deli, prepared food. It is so far superior to the other stores in the chain it seems like it is not even related. If only all the teeters could be even close to the Taj

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              I've not been to that one. I only know that the HT president shops at the Stonecrest store and that is why, atleast in South Charlotte, it is far superior to the others in the area.

      2. i love harris teeter. i go to the harrison street store in arlington, virginia (but was introduced to ht in charleston, s.c.).

        they have the best helpful employees -- they usually take you to the item you ask about. their return policy is superb -- and they even double refund if it is a bakery item that is unsatisfactory. their deli meats are good -- i especially like the "ham off the bone" and their own roast beef. i also love the eastern carolina bbq from "brookwood farms" in siler city, n.c. just got some today. the deli will give you a nice slice of deli meat or cheese for taste testing anything there.

        they have great BOGO deals, and you don't have to buy two! buy one and it is just half price. they carry a large variety of fresh and frozen produce. their baked breads ("la brea") are fresh and quite tasty -- and are often on sale (like this week, 50% off).

        the butcher/seafood dept. folks are friendly (as they all are), and i just got a great deal on a frozen culver duck -- the last one, so the butcher (a great guy from s. georgia) gave me a big discount, explaining how he was able to do those kinds of serious discounts on certain items <duck was $13.87, he gave it to me for $4.56>.

        my husband loves the daily specials, esp. sunday's roast chicken deal. we got a great deal on thanksgiving with hot, roasted turkey breast and roasted chicken leq quarters, as they were overstocked. we discovered we like to get the leq quarters (larger, meatier) than the whole roast chicken, which is just a dollar or so more.) the fried chicken -- i agree with others -- is "not so much."

        whenever an employee gives especially superb service, i commend them in writing -- used to be on a form there, and now online). last autumn, they saved a ton of good solid apple boxes for me to pack some of my cookbooks. they've marked down produce (that they've just removed, culled from display) that i asked them not to toss for a blemish or two -- they give you a large bag, and mark it a dollar! (get there early a.m. for those deals, like 7-8 a.m., typically). today, the produce guy let me taste the three different grape varieties on sale. very nice people, there.

        overall, harris teeter is definitely far and away my favorite grocery store -- ever!

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          That's a good HT at Harrison - my SO was marveling a deli sandwich from there just last week, saving her from snacking at the Starbucks . . .
          : )

        2. We have a brand new Harris Teeter here in Southern Delaware. It is beautiful. It is big and clean and bright with wide isles. Having a Harris Teeter nearby makes me feel like I am "home" again after moving away from North Carolina where there were many.

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            We like their subs in our neighborhood, Concord, NC. It does very from store to store. Here they are always fresh on a good tasting roll. He probably have them 2 or 3 times a month for cheap eats.

          2. Right now I'm chowing down on a bunch of Publix Premium brand products and baked goods from their bakery after stopping by during my trip to Charleston. With all due respect to the Triangle Harris Teeters and Whole Foods, Publix absolutely wins my grocery store vote. I'd forgotten just how lovely a grocery shopping experience could be.

            1. OK, I'll take on the haters. Shopped exclusively at Morrocrofr/Giant Genie Teeters. Loved the service, smiles, helpfulness. In the neighborhood, went to Food Lion in Pineville and there was a huge change, like taking a page out of the HT playbook, literally since it seems lately the service at HT is sub par. Also love shopping at Compare for produce. give it at try. Bottom line, my love for HT is diluted.

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                The produce at Compare Foods is great - amazing prices, great selection, and good quality. I buy produce at HT and it goes bad within days - produce from Compare lasts, and is just fresher and better tasting...

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                  I regularly buy produce from Compare. Avacados for $0.89 each vs. $2.69 at Harris Teeter.

                  I really like Harris Teeter for the service, convenience, specials and cheap meat but the produce prices are outrageous. I nearly faint when I see stuff like a simple yellow bell pepper for $2.50.

                  The rib-eyes that are frequently $5.99 a pound are really good especially if you get them from the butcher section where they're cut thicker.

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                    produce sales are good. just paid $1.50 for a nice avocado. on the whole, their produce is higher than safeway. but i've never thought the quality was lower. in fact, their quality at my ht is excellent.

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                      I've always found their produce prices to be outrageously high. Quality is great at the Stonecrest location and horrible at Blakeney here in S.Clt. Around here, the range is huge. Of course we have about 1.5 million Harris Teeters in the Charlotte area alone. :)

                      I'v e never been to Compare Foods but have heard good things. Trouble is the locations here in town are not convenient for me.

              2. I'll take this opportunity to commend H-T for being somewhat nimble.

                Our local H-T (Aldie VA, in the Stone Ridge Village Center) opened a few years ago. Each year at Passover I go in there looking for a few things, only to be told there's no Passover section, so I have to go to the local Giant, a chain that I used to love but went downhill under the ownership of Royal Ahold and is now on the comeback trail).

                Yesterday, I was doing my weekly shopping at H-T when I noticed a display of Passover items. Not voluminous, but it's a start, and it shows that someone is listening.

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                  HT, at least in Raleigh, simply does not "get" Passover. Their selection of items is poor, even by the meager standards here, and their prices are utterly crazy. With any luck, they will shelve the Kosher for Passover Breakstone dairy products the week AFTER Passover and, although HT brand dairy products are certified KP according to the national magazine distributed in the synagogues, not one has ever made an appearance in a Raleigh HT. However, if you need yahrzeit candles or use matzah meal during the year, wait til a little bit after Passover and they will be dumping those items at bargain basement prices.

                  I like HT for year-round shopping but, at least in Raleigh, Kroger is the only real option for Passover.