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Mar 7, 2009 12:07 AM

Paella in Dallas

Where can one find a good paella?

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  1. I used to love the paella at Rouge until they closed.. :( It's been tough finding one that matches, but we actually love the paella at Cafe Madrid on Travis . I've also had it at De Tapas in Addison, but it's not always great....

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      Of course many enjoy la Calle Doce for their paella. I have seen a catering truck around town, never been, but thoughyt worth mentioning. They do paella for events, and roast pigs. Sounds fun. Anyone hear of Pig and Paella out of Irving? I noted the number off the side of the truck... 214-783-0109.

    2. i'm a huge Paella fan, but to be honest, you can't find it here. Best off, to learn how to do it right at home. So, So much better!

      1. I've had the paella at both Cafe Madrid and the dear, departed Hola and I thought neither one was very good.

        Like risotto, I don't think paella lends itself very well to restaurant preparation.

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          Risotto and paella don't lend themselves well Dallas restaurant preparation. Other cities know how.

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            Got to say that is absurd. Is a dish city-centric? So much so that a mere border allows for a better preperation? Or have you just been so hideously dissapointed thus far with your orders in Dallas? I would be interested in who has let you down, and where did you get a great version of its counterpart.

        2. Carribean Cafe at Webb Chapel and Beltline (Carrollton) is a Cuban hole-in-the-wall that is popular with local hounds. They have Paella Valenciana for 2 on the menu and it takes 90 mins to prepare (you can phone ahead to order it). I have not tried it, but the fact that it's made to order is encouraging. Of course, it will be more of a Cuban take than traditional Spanish, but is worth trying.

          Caribbean Cafe also has a Frisco location. It's a newer location and I do not know if they are as good as the original Carrollton location.

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            Hola has been reinvented as Si Tapas.

          2. I didn't try it when I was there, but Sangria Tapas y Bar on Cole has Paella. The other dishes we had were reasonably good, so if you're interested, that might be one you try.