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Mar 6, 2009 10:14 PM

Anyone been to the buffet at the NEW M resort in Vegas?

i know it hasnt been open very long but i was wondering how the food was at the M buffet.
they said they were aiming for locals and making the food REALLY good.
if anyone has been yet i would love t hear about it.


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  1. i tied b but the line was too damn long - ate at the oyster bar instead - i highly recommend you wait a month or so before you try the Oyster Bar - alot of kinks need to be worked out in that place. wanted to try babycakes but by the time we finished dinner, it was closed - the place was also hopping !

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      I was at M yesterday (Fri) before noon and at that time there was no line at all. The pricing looked very reasonable. Breakfast $7.95 - Lunch $ 10.95 and dinner $17.99 and a seafood dinner on the weekends for $19.95. The decor looked nicely done, as goes for the entire hotel itself. Unfortunately I'd had breakfast just before going to M or I would have tried the buffet.

      A side tip: There are 3 or 4 stations on the casino floor with serve yourself complimentary sodas, ice tea, water, and Powerade. I thought that was a nice touch. Instead of having to play a slot machine and then wait for a cocktail girl to come around you can just walk up and in seconds (and without throwing money away) have a nice cold drink.

      1. re: Whisper

        WOW ! Thats a nice touch...being able to get your own cold drinks. i dont think there are any other casinos in town that will let you do THAT!
        thanks for the info.

        1. re: WriteForFood

          it was kinda funny watching people at the soda fountain - people getting 3,4 even 5 drinks with them like there was some sort of time/amount limit - a kid in the candy store scene - it's just soda people !! But it is convenient - i've seen it at some of the indian casinos but it's a first for me in Las Vegas

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            I stopped in to the M on was absolutely beautiful! I didn't get to experience any of the food. The buffet w/ it's demonstration kitchen concept was intriguing. Everything looked beautiful. I did grab a Coke out of one of the self serve stations while I was exploring the Casino floor. I may try and stay @ the M the next time I am in town on business. I look forward to everyone's reviews!

            1. re: ciaogal

              i tried the oyster bar last week - serious kinks in the service - i had a rather long laundry-list of issues that i shared with the manager - all can be fixed but i'm going to hold-off a month or so before i return there. I'm sure i'll hit the buffet in the next 2 weeks.

              1. re: kjs

                since i didn't take pics - decided not to make a separate post

                Tried the breakfast buffet this morning. After picking up the girl from work ( 5:30 am ) decided to hit the M Resort. put some $$ on the craps table ( btw - great group of employees at the craps table .) I wasn't even there 5 minutes ( shared my oyster bar experience, opinion on the resort, etc. ) when the floor guy offered to cover the buffet . The place opens at 7:30, we hit it at 8. Very few people eating.

                I like the look of the place - circular design with a very large two-sided buffet line almost the entire diameter of the space with a portion of the radius too ( can you picture this geometry geeks ?!?! ) There's a portion of the dining area providing a nice few of the strip/vegas valley. A rather large tv/video screen area on a portion of the surrounding radius wall that advertises the resort, provides the dinner buffet menu and food facts - kinda neat.

                The food - not a huge selection, but decent ( cost - i believe $7.50 )
                The highlights - carved to order smoked bacon - very good !
                in the pastry section they had fruit fritters - crunchy outside, moist inside - had a rich taste to it - EXCELLENT !

                The mexican foods - nice spice, good flavor ( enchiladas and the smoke sausage )

                Service - very good but the place was slow.

                lowlights - no id placards for the food items ( but there's a large # of employees to ask what's what )

                no pineapple - I LOVE FRESH PINEAPPLE

                no desserts - but they were getting them ready for the lunch buffet - why you gotta tease me ?!?!?

                I loved the list of foods for the dinner buffet - i will definitely try soon !

                1. re: kjs

                  I've read several reports from non-food-oriented groups about the same kind of service issues you mentioned at the Oyster Bar, while acknowledging the same positive attitude among the staff. The ownership is actively involved -- it sounds like they opened too soon. They'll need all the luck they can get in the current environment.

                  1. re: kjs

                    GREAT! thanks for posting the information.... i cant wait to try it.
                    LOVE living in Vegas for the food deals alone ! LOL
                    never heard of carved to order smoked bacon ! YUMMMMM

                    1. re: WriteForFood

                      Went to the lunch buffet at M this afternoon with mixed results:

                      On the plus side - Service

                      I had signed up for a player's card last night and was given a coupon for a free breakfast buffet (a $7.95 value) and told the breakfast buffet ends at 10:30 am. I showed up at 10 am today and was told the waiting line was now closed, and instead I had to wait until 11 am and eat lunch rather than breakfast. I left for about 15 minutes and came back and was among the first 10 people in line for lunch. By the time 11 am came around the line was about 200 people long. I got to the counter and the lady gave me full credit for lunch (a $10.95 value), so that was nice. Once inside I was one of the first to be seated, and the drink person quickly came to ask my order.

                      The Desserts - An average sized selection, but everything I tried was delicious. Once again, very helpful people manning the counter. Quick and friendly.

                      The room itself - Nice looking and pretty well laid out. The back area has a view outside, but it's not much of a view. Mostly construction and a gas station is all you'll see. But overall a fairly nice looking room.

                      Now for the minuses -

                      As I was one of the first people seated for lunch I expected the food to be hot. As it turned out, I tried quite a few different items and none of them were anything better than lukewarm. Most items were also rather bland. I sampled Asian, Mexican, Italian and American items and none of them were what I'd call good tasting.

                      No signs in the soup area. There were about 6 or 8 soup dispensers yet none of them were marked, so you had to actually open each one to see what was in there and still had to guess what it actually was. Not good.

                      On their website they advertise "ever-changing live cooking and technique demonstrations", yet I saw nothing of the sort. Perhaps they only do it for dinner. I was hoping to see at least a few live cooking stations but there wasn't any. I'd gone to Green Valley Ranch's buffet last week (another freebie coupon) and must say I really enjoy their live cooking station in the Asian section.

                      So in the end I left rather disappointed. The service and desserts are excellent, but other than the desserts every single thing I ate was either cold, bland, or both. Hopefully they will improve their food, but for now I can't really recommend this buffet.

      2. I'm going to Vegas this weekend, does anyone have any updates on the buffet at M? Looks like there are mixed results in this posting. We will be staying at M so it would make it easier to grab a bite to eat before Phantom at the Venetian.


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        1. re: ally bo bally

          We dined at Studio B on the evening of April 27th and felt it was very good, but not excellent. Perhaps a notch and half below Bellagio or Wynn, but well above those at other locals' casinos such as Red Rock or Green Valley Ranch. Prices have increased across the board with dinner now costing $22.95, $24.95 for Fri-Sat seafood nights. $2 off with slot card.

          On a Monday night we did not experience the long lines that I have read about so it took less than 15 minutes to be seated. Beer and wine are included - the private label merlot was fine, but avoid the cabernet sauvignon. Here is a list of items consumer in very small portions by either myself or wife using a rating scale from 0 (uneatable) to 5 (outstanding):

          Shrimp (tiny) cocktail - 2
          Sushi - 2.5
          Seaweed salad - 4
          Steamed green lip mussels in a butter sauce - 2.5
          Black mussels in a tomato sauce - 1.5
          Duck breast - 2
          Assorted cheeses - 2
          Shrimp tempura - 3
          Beet salad - 3
          Marinated veggies - 3.5
          Assorted olives - 3
          Sweet potato casserole - 4
          Popcorn shrimp - 2.5
          Sweet potato tempura - 3
          Catfish in a cream based sauce - 3
          Kohlba ribs - 3.5
          Tomato & mozzarella salad - 2
          Macaroni & cheese - 5
          Bok choy - 4.5
          Baked salmon -4.5
          Malala gelato - 4
          Creme brulee - 3
          Flan - 3
          Lemon tart - 3
          Fruit and custard - 4.5
          Coconut gelato - 2.5
          French vanilla cappuccino - 4.5