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Mar 6, 2009 09:37 PM

Gang Som Goong Kai Cha-om (Sour Orange Curry?)

I had this in Thailand, and I've been craving it ever since. Does anybody know where I can get some? It's sour orange curry with morning glory and egg.

Here's a link to a recipe and picture:

Of course, I'm sure there are variations on the spelling. I checked Rod Dee, Dok Bua, and Khao Sarn menus, and I did see "sour curry" in Dok Bua's menu, so that *might* be it.

I would definitely prefer it with the egg/morning glory, but beggars can't be choosers, and I've heard morning glory is hard to find around here =(


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  1. The Sour Curry on Dok Bua's menu is a soup like that, but more like a Jungle Curry; sour, with morning glory, and no coconut milk. It doesn't have egg in it, but interestingly, they make a Thai omelet. maybe you could bring them the name of your dish and ask....

    1. I do not know about the curry which is your main request. You can, however, get morning glory (pak boong) both in restaurants - I've had it at the Montien in Chinatown and at Chili Duck - and at shops - Russos, or the Union Square farmer's market in season, possibly even Whole Foods at times. Montien has a Thai menu and I believe Chili Duck does too, so you could check there also, or, as gg suggests, try just asking.

      1. I'm pretty sure Pad Thai over near the Berkley School of Music serves this dish. However, the reason I'm only "pretty" sure is that they have an extensive Thai language menu sans English translation, so while I'm pretty sure this was a dish I've had there (looks the same from your pictures, and the ingredients sound about the same), I've no idea what the dish was called there.

        Anyway, they are very friendly, and I'd guess if you brought an name/picture with you, they could identify it, tell you if they make it, or what the close alternatives are (again I had a dish very similar there).

        Its a nice little hole in the wall, about half their business seems to be students catching a quick/cheap meal, usually pad thai, and the other half Thai language speakers getting some "real" food. Anyway, I'm sure they make an omelet curry with shrimp.

        1. you should be able to find morning glory (water spinach) at any se asian market

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            A direct translation into Thai of the English transliteration of that dish is in 1 below. But if you ask for it as written this way it is possible to be interpreted by the cook as having the egg and the cha-om vegetable separate rather than as the cut-up omelet which is shown in the picture. A better description of the dish is in 2 below which makes it clear how to handle the eggs and cha-om. If you can print these and take them with you to other Thai restaurants I am sure they will instantly know what you want.

            1. แกงส้มกุ้งไข่ชะอม

            2. แกงส้มกุ้งชะอมชุบไข่

            1. re: ThaiNut

              ThaiNut, I didn't know that you could find "pak cha-om" here in the states. I would love to find a source since "kai jieaw pak cha om" is one of my favorite dishes and I've only had it when I go back to Thailand. The english name (just googled it) is acacia leaf

              1. re: ysb

                I have never seen fresh Cha-om here in the states but it can be obtained frozen. The attached photo is a scan from the label of a package of it from our freezer. I think we got this at a large Asian store in Charlotte, NC. and it cost less than $2 I think that the importer, Eastland Corp, only distributes along the U.S. east coast so you'd likely have to find it from a west coast distributor. We most often use it to make an omelet that gets cut up into little squares and served along side fried Thai mackerel (plaa tuu) and with a sauce based on shrimp paste (kapi).

          2. Awesome, thanks so much for the info everybody. Looks like I have some hunting to do!