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Mar 6, 2009 08:50 PM

cheap eats for one nite in va beach?

looked at older threads, not interested in terrapin or the like. not interested in travelling too far.

is there anything at a decent price that isn't incredibly cheesy or awful? good ethnic, a good burger. something. also looked at the surf rider menu. we actually live on the chesapeake bay and i feel like we actually have a lot of good sea food where we live.

please, please help. we are at a loss so far. nothing seems to meet our criteria.

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  1. Where in Va Beach are you? Or where in Va Beach would you like to travel to?

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    1. You set too many filters :) -- cheap, close to Atlantic.. Problem is, you are at the Oceanfront -- home of cheesy and awful (pancake houses, AYCE buffets, etc). This is the crowd VB oceanfront attracts, and why locals, for the most part, avoid it like the plague.

      That said, Pelon's, 3619 Pacific Ave, is a SoCal mexican hole. Excellent fish tacos.

      Jewish Mother, 3108 Pacific. Been here a few times for breakfast. Think it is a little overpriced, but has a strong following

      Mojito's Cafe, 28th and Pacific. Puerto Rican, with great buzz. Haven't been yet -- but the yelp review is favorable.


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        I'm going to have to try Mojito's..I'm a sucker for Puerto Rican food. I've been to a couple other PR restaurants in town, but they're all mediocre. Thanks for the rec.