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Rate my Naples Itinerary

Ok so after doing lots of research and listening to advice I have narrowed down these restaurants:

Angelina's, Campiello, Cafe Lurcat, Trilogy, Sea Salt
Uss Nemo, Turtle Cafe, M Waterfront Grille, Roys, Trulucks, Chops City Grill
Capital Grille, Stoney's Steakhouse, Handsome Harry's, Bistro 821

Me and my boys are going down to Miami one night also so I think we will hit up Emeril's. So I basically need 5 restaurants from the above... help me outttt!!!!

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  1. Your posts have concentrated on steakhouses, so #1 on your list is Chops. The area is best for seafood, so Nemo's. Campiello is great, but if I remember you are from NYC, so I just don't see the point of going Italian. Roy's and Truluck's are both chains, albeit very upscale and good ones. I prefer Roy's, especially the one in Bonita Springs better than the one in Naples, but a reason to choose Truluck's is if you absolutely need to sample some stone crab. M Waterfront Grille is fairly new and I haven't eaten there; I know the blog "An Insatiable Appetite" loved the place but I trust Revrend Andy on this board more. Finally, I'll throw it in one more time -- Wyld's Cafe on Bonita Beach Rd. in Bonita Springs, for absolutely delicious food in a very nice setting for amazingly reasonable prices for the area -- be sure someone orders the special meatloaf and definitely order and share the duck napleon starter on crisp puff pastry squares and mushrooms in a marvelous creamy parmesan sauce.

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      USS Nemo also has stone crabs (at least they did last month) so that would not be a reason to select Trulocks over Nemo.

    2. How soon are you coming? Some of these restaurants are very hard to get into, even in this economy. My perspective is a little different as I would be looking for places that are very Naples or SW Florida.

      Turtle Club would be one, almost impossible to get in unless a concierge reserves for you but you can sit outside with your feet in the sand and watch the sunset. Food is pretty good given the venue.
      You have a Roy's in New York, they are all quite similar in menu, not always in execution.
      Campiello is Italian, but it is more about ambiance and has a great tropical vibe, sitting outside with all the twinkly lights watching the passing scene and the very active pick up scene of the bar for the over 50 set.
      USS Nemo is a chowhound fave, I'd do that for sure.
      Angelinas is a good Italian, but you are used to better.
      Handsome Harry's is also very popular and a fun evening, again outside for the most part. Sea Salt needs time, too new.
      I love Cafe Lurcat but it is a feminine place, at least the upstairs dining room, and maybe not your cup of tea or zinfandel.
      Chops is a good restaurant when it is clicking on all cylinders. They should be at their prime, I just wouldn't go off season...I think some of the cooks are up north then. Just my opinion.

      1. We were just in Naples a month ago and ate out every night. USS Nemo is great, as well as the place next to it, Swan River. Also, for a more casual, less pricey place, there is Greek Gourmet with two locations on 41: just north of Downtown (I think at 4th Street) and one in Bonita Springs. Enjoy!

        1. USS Nemo has the best sea bass !!!!!! The tempura is also tasty.I have never been disappointed.Campiello was a disappointment,pricey,and not wonderful.Turtle cafe was also disappointing with cold food and poor service.Angelina's has a good reputation.Make reservations soon.

          1. If you're into wine, Bleu Provence has the best list by far and some decent, traditional French food. The snails, fish soup, tuna & Bavette are all outstanding renditions of the Old World restaurants we all grew up with. Ask for a table out on the patio, if possible.

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              I love Bleu Provence and agree with you about the wine. They have wonderful small Champagne producers that no one else has. The fellow making the request here is asking for places for 5 men. Bleu doesn't seem like a guy place. More a take your wife or family or date place. It is one of my favorites though.

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                I totally agree that this might not be the place for 5 guys.
                But, if they are really into wine, with great french food to go with, it would work.

            2. My 5 choices would be Chops, Campiello, Nemo, Truluck, and M Waterfront Grille. I wouldn't call Truluck a chain, as they have one other restaurant in Houston. I enjoy their seafood, I've never had their steaks, but I've heard good things. I would highly recommend Wyld's as a local favorite but it is in Bonita Springs and may be further than you want to travel. If you are nearby, I would try it. Turtle Club has a great setting but I've found the food inconsistent. Nemo has wonderful fusion seafood. Of course you have fantastic Italian in New York but Campiello is still terrific food-contemporary Italian with a wood-burning oven, not 50's Italian American. Sea Salt has a warm, contemporary setting but as LiLMsFoodie says, they need time.

              All of my choices have websites where you can peruse the menues. I strongly urge you to use that tool to make your final choices. I also would like to recommend Tommy Bahamas for lunch. Nice outdoor seating.

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                I would second Trulucks. Not sure why I forget about it but I had one of the best meals I've ever had in Florida early last summer. Very professional service and the place to go for fish IMO. They have their own fleet of fishing boats based in Marco Island for Florida fish. They have the day boat scallops and I had jalapeno salmon and the fish ribs appetizer. Excellent. Funny, tucked away spot in the center of all the action on Fifth Avenue.

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                  Went last night and it was awesome great dinner. I had the lobster tail and half pound king crab legs. Sweet potato fries and cheesy grits were standouts. My cousin had the grouper ponchattrain and his friends had the jumbo shrimp and jalapeno salmon. Everyone loved their meal it was one of the best seafod meals I have had. Monday nights are all u can eat crab claws but it is 60 bucks pp and kinda steep. This place is very expensive but great quality. We also all split the chocolate bag for dessert which was rele good I love how they have a dessert cart to show u the desserts more places should do that. Overall, pricy but delicious!!

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                    One of the things I like about them is they are not in the business of pimping waters. You receive a bottle of filtered water for your table. For the record, if someone is reading, the jalapeno salmon is grilled salmon with a blue crab topping covered with jalapeno bearnaise. Like a salmon benedict. Amazing. Nice layered flavor without being too rich or too over the top.

              2. I have to say I had an excellent meal at Sea Salt a few weeks ago. Fun, open atmosphere. We had excellent service (husband and wife team) and excellent chow. I was very impressed with their wine list. The sommelier came with the chef from DC... he knows his stuff... there's a real dedication to the wine program... wasn't expecting it. Will definitely go back on my next visit.

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                  Is Sea Salt kid friendly for late lunch/early dinner and do they have outdoor seating? Trilogy closed,correct?

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                    Sea Salt actually has a child's menu on its website but I can not recall any kids being there. With Tommy Bahama next door, with lots of families, I think Sea Salt must have decided to add the kiddie menu as a defensive move. The kid's looked like courtesy of Sysco food service, but I could be wrong. Nice restaurant. If you are coming soon, you might want to forgo the outdoor seating. Heat index today should be around 105-110. We are in drought again and nothing is cooling overnight. Makes for miserable days. I can't cool my pool down below 91.

                    Trilogy is closed. They had priced themselves for 2005, not 2009. Things are different now.