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Mar 6, 2009 08:11 PM

Halal Cart in Boston?

Are there any food cart similar to the Halal Cart in Manhattan on the corner of 53rd/6th? If you've waited in a long line at 2am in subzero temp for this street cart, you know what I am talking about. I am hoping there's something similarly cheap and tasty somewhere in Boston.

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  1. Are there at least any gyro street cart here or near Boston?

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      The closest to a gyro cart was the stall-in-the-wall at Filene's, Mediterraneo, which closed down when the Filene's building closed down. As far as I know, they have not reopened elsewhere. There was a recent article in the Globe about how there are some in the city government who want to open the Washington St. mall fully to automobile traffic instead of closing it to all automobile traffic. The latter would allow more vendors to set up in that strip. Thankfully, the article said that Menino is actually for keeping the pedestrian mall, if that's worth anything.

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        I may be a little late for your Boston trip, looking at the date...but if you're in the Downtown Crossing area you MUST try Chacerero!! Unbelievably fabulous sandwich on Chilean bread, beef or chicken (I prefer beef)....spicy green beans, avocado, cheese, tomato....order it with everything...the small is a full lunch in itself!

      2. I've been to that halal cart that you are referring to but I've never seen anything like it in Boston sadly.

        1. No. Not even anything as good as Rafiqi's

          1. Not a cart, but 1 of the Halal butchers in Haymarket sells food that's ready to eat. It's at the Faneueil Hall end of Haymarket.

            Again, not a cart but the food court on Winter St between Tremont and Washington has a gyro stand... South side of the street; Chinese fast food in the doorway

            Mediteraneo, the guy who was in Filene's opened somewhere on the South Shore.

            Sabrosa, the Mex place in Filenes reopened as the tacqueria on Tremont by the Tam..Intermission.