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Mar 6, 2009 08:10 PM

Burbank restaurants near Colony Theatre

Can anyone recommend restaurants within walking distance of the Colony Theatre, which is at 555 N 3d Street, in the Burbank Media Center Mall. Going to Sunday matinee and would appreciate suggestions for dinner afterward. Thanks!

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  1. Been a big fan of Chadaka Thai @ 310 N. San Fernando for a while. Otherwise you've got a ton of chains to choose from...

    1. Picanha Churrascaria... Third and Olive... Chadaka Thai... Gordon Biersch...

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      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Third and Olive is our new fave-rave.....but (sigh) is closed on Sundays. I guess Market City Caffe would have to be my choice, or maybe try the new Barney's Beanery?

        1. re: jillso

          Do not try Barney's unless you want a liquid lunch. There food is horrible. You'd be better off a IN-N-Out. I'd have to say Chadaka Thai would be your best bet if your walking.

        2. re: Das Ubergeek

          Das Ubergeek is right. Market City is okay. The Flavor of India located in the alley behind Kabuki is quite good. Knight has good middle-eastern and is located across the street from Kabuki a few doors down from the Hawaiian place on the corner.

        3. Thanks to you all for your suggestions, seems as though the Thai restaurant would be a good bet. Will let you know what we tried. Didn't want to venture anywhere that we couldn't walk to, so appreciate your help.

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          1. re: booklover

            The only one that is WALKING distance is Chadaka Thai - urrgh - overpriced for what you get there.

            I would recommend
            Wine 818 (Tapas)
            Lucy's 51
            Nippon (Japanese)

            1. re: JackonCrack

              All of which are barely within walking distance of the Falcon Theatre, let alone the Colony which is a good 2 - 3 miles from there. Since the OP requested "walking distance", that's what the rest of us have tried to provide. There's also PF Chang's and Pomodoro right at the North side entrance to the mall. Chain food but then,... Burbank.

              1. re: FranklinJefferson

                My bad, I was thinking Falcon - thank god he isn't going there! Good luck on the non-Chain quest.

          2. Aside from some Middle-Eastern places on San Fernando just off Magnolia (been to long for me to remember any names), the only non-chain food in the immediate vicinity is Harry's, a '70s coffeeshop/diner that was our salvation after an evening performance (since it's open 24 hrs. and everything else shuts down early, like most of LA). Not a Destination by any means, unless a patty melt is REALLY what you want, but it's there. On San Fernando about 100 ft. N. from Burbank.

            1. Thanks again for all the suggestions. I was embarrassed to say that we skipped having dinner after all that, though I was ready with ideas.

              I had been thinking of Pomodoro and P. F. Chang's, since I could see them when I got there, right in front of me, more or less. Didn't mind a chain if it was okay food.

              I have a tendency to get lost in Burbank...which is why I wanted real walking distance..but now I have suggestions for when we go next.

              Thanks again for all your help!!!! It is much appreciated!