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Mar 6, 2009 06:24 PM

Bartolotta for dinner?

Joining some friends in Vegas for a long weekend. What's your take on Bartolotta?

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  1. I had a great experience there. It does get mixed reviews though.

    I think where I went right was by ordering their family style tasting menu which is around $150pp. For that steep price you get many courses that showcase the talents of the chef with many different exotic seafoods. It culminates with the fresh whole fish course flown in from the "old world". Quite memorable!

    Wynn is currently running prix fixe specials at many of their restaurants including Bartolotta. I believe it's $75pp for 3-courses. I'm going to try it next week.

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      Appreciate the comments. We will be staying at the Encore, so we'll definitely check out the specials at the Wynn. Looks like the family style tasting menu is the way to go. Yikes, that IS steep, but as you mention, it hopes to be a memorable evening!

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        I also really enjoyed Sinatra which is the new Italian venue at Encore. They served an amazing osso bucco which is one of my favorite dishes. Bread pudding dessert was also excellent.

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          Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare has been on top of my Short List for a long time now!
          The weather being unseasonably beautiful this past week, I had the opportunity to join QAW for a perfectly orchestrated meal. We sat on the patio, under a cabana, overlooking the pond, an absolutely magnificent setting.

          After looking at the many choices on the expansive menu we went with the tasting menu.
          This way we were able to enjoy an array of entrees showcasing why ‘Paul Bartolotta’ won this years James Beard award as Best Chef in the Southwest.

          We started our tasting w/ a half bottle of Cakebread Chardonnay to pair w/ the first 5 Antipasti.
          We were brought an offering of small plates: cappesante dorate con porcini (seared sea scallops w/ Porcini mushrooms) cooked perfectly. A soft shell crab, simply prepared w/ a squirt of lemon….very seasonable, a grilled octopus w/ lemon, olive oil and small potatoes, an order of white anchovies which were sweet and fresh topped w/ a little olive oil and a grilled amberjack cooked perfectly, moist, flaky and tender.
          I was amazed at the size of the portions and the variety of fresh seafood. Each dish played well off each other. I loved the simple preparation of each dish which highlighted the special qualities of each fish..
          Along w/ the antipasti we were given a basket of crusty, chewy, rustic bread.

          For our next two courses QAW chose wonderful Chianti that paired beautifully with the meal to follow. It was light, a hint of fruitiness and perfect for the evening it paired w/ the seafood and pastas perfectly.

          Then came our 3 Appetizer Pastas: 1st, ‘risotto ai frutti di mare’ a wonderful creamy risotto which was chock full of baby clams, shrimp, scallops, langoustine, and calamari.
          2nd, A wonderful homemade ravioli w/ a very rich creamy filling and sauce. It was so silky and buttery. 3rd, a petite penne w/ olives and a flavorful ‘Tuscan’ style tomato sauce. It was amazing...the olives enhanced the freshness of the tomatoes. I found myself mopping up the sauce w/ the wonderful crusty bread. These 3 pastas were a nice transition to the main course to follow.

          Our main course was a simply prepared Orata, (Sea Bream). It was amazing. Perfectly cooked. It was incredibly fresh, light with a hint of sweetness. It was served w/ a very simple sauce of fresh tomatoes, olive oil and onion.
          I can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful late spring evening.
          Dessert was a trio of 3 frozen delights….a gelato, a sorbet and a fruit ice paired w/ an olive oil cake.
          All delicious and light which didn’t detract from the compilation of an extraordinary experience.

          This was the perfect finale to an amazing meal of flavors, and colors.

          If you haven’t experience Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare @ the Wynn, I highly recommend it.