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Mar 6, 2009 06:00 PM

Random dinner places...

So the BF and I are planning on a few fancy lunches...but we need some ideas for some "drop in and eat dinner" type places.

We will be staying in the Quarter, and will likely spend most of our dinner to evening times then. We like things like salads and soups, but mostly like anything. What I'd like are some ideas for places I can keep in mind when we're walking down Decatur and our stomachs start rumbling...but we don't want to spend a hundred Galleons or anything. =) I am such a dork.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. you could pop into Mr. B's for their Gumbo Ya Ya or Muriel's for their seafood gumbo or soup of the day. the bars at Mr. B's or Muriel's both have seating for eating if you wanted something less formal than the dining rooms.
    for something even more drop in casual, you have Salt n Pepper, Felipe's, Jazz Tacos, Italian Barrel,Coop's Place, and Sidebar Cafe.

    1. Bacco has some good salads and you can eat at the bar.

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        I would recommend the bombay club in the prince conti hotel for something different. The Flash Fried Asian calamari is killer as an appetizer and the gourmet hamburger is the bomb. Piano bar and the ultimate martini cocktails.also.

      2. You may try Alpine on Chartres (across from Jamie Hayes Gallery and in view of cathedral) They have pretty good po boys and gumbos at decent prices. But you may want to consider riding the streetcar uptown to St. Charles/Delachaise at 3442 St. Charles Ave and eating at The Delachaise. GREAT appetizers/tapas style foods and very reasonable. The Columns Hotel is across the street which has a great happy hour crowd (lots of 20 and 30 somethings) and a really great bar. It is about a 10 minute streetcar ride from the quarter.

        1. Since you mentioned your preference for soups and salads, I highly recommend the chicken and andouille gumbo and the shrimp remoulade salad at The Gumbo Shop (St. Peter's St.). That combination (cup of soup and small salad) is my favorite lunch in the Quarter (total cost @ 14.); you might want to order the larger portions for dinner, though.