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Mar 6, 2009 05:21 PM

Liberty Tavern: Any suggestions?

I am meeting up with an old friend at Liberty Tavern next week. I must admit that I am a bit of a DC snob and don't venture out to Arlington too much...but I am looking forward to broadening my horizons!
Anything in particular that is a must try? I've heard the pizzas are really good...any other suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i have been there once and the food was very, very good. i had the lamb oriechette — i'm not much of a lamb person — and i LOVED it. also had watercress salad which was delicious, it had watercress (duh), frisee, red peppers, chilled potatoes and some tangy creamy dressing (peppercorn?) btu the best part was that it came with an egg on top and when i cut into the egg the creamy yolk dressed the salad....oh it was so good. can you tell? hahaha. have fun!

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        Thanks for the suggestion! The watercress sald sounds delicious...will definitely have to try it.

      2. I love Liberty Tavern, it's on my usual rotation. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there is one dish I like so much I always order it, so I don't have many varied suggestions. But I love the roast chicken with brocolini and mashed potatoes and lemon jus. The flavors all just really come together beautifully, the jus in particular is amazing and the mashed potatoes are the closest to homemade I've had in a restaurant (but they are not butter and cream heavy, infused with cheese/exotic oils, just normal, good old potatoes). In spite of my limited horizons I also recall a friend raving about the skirt (flank?) steak, it did look delicious. I also like their selection of half bottles of wine, I can't recall exactly but I believe I loved a 1/2 bottle of a Rioja and possibly a sangiovese. Have fun!

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          Second the chicken, yum. One of my dinner companions also loved the watercress salad.

        2. They do have good salads, I always get one with the vermont pizza with apples, it is sooo good, I love that pizza, I do not prefer the red sauce pizza's, but the chicken and the steak are both very good too.

          If you like cocktails, the grapefruit one is very good.

          1. Thanks for the recommendations everyone! I will be sure to report back.