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Mar 6, 2009 04:46 PM

Seven Minute Frosting issue

Okay so I frosted the inner layers of a chocolate cake last night with seven minute frosting last night. After reading <a href="> thread I figured it'd be okay under my cake dome until tonight. Problem is, things are getting pushed back until tomorrow night. The frosting layer looks like it sunk a little, and I'm afraid its all soaking into the cake and will be virtually nonexistant tomorrow. Will it be okay tomorrow? Should I stick it in the fridge? Can I scrape off the frosting and redo the whole thing tomorrow? Or am I going to have to start from the beginning? Any help is appreciated!

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  1. I think you're screwed and need to start over. This is not a terribly stable icing.

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      In agreement with Pikawicca. Seven Minute doesn't hold up. Sometimes there's a condensate of sugar on the surface, sometimes it's a neat crust (loved that when I was a child.)

      Scrape it off and do it again and blow them away with the real thing. If they don't know the how to, they'll think you took hours.

    2. I agree. Whether you used the conventional method or the "no cook" method, the stability of a 7 Minute frosting is fragile at best. Looks like the loftiness of the frosting was lost. But I'd try carefully separating the layers, scraping off the major portion of the frosting and see how (if at all) at affected the cake's texture. If it simply collapsed and didn't bleed into the cake I think I'd just move forward with a new layer of frosting on the "day old" cake.

      1. Thanks everyone. I'll be checking the cakes out momentarily. I don't really care if I have to redo the frosting, I just really don't want to have rebake the cakes...