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Mar 6, 2009 04:29 PM

Los Altos lunch/dinner with sweaty teenagers!

The family and I will be in Los Altos for a soccer tournament this weekend and am looking for lunch and/or dinner spots with good food (type doesn't matter, we love everything!), but that I can bring the unshowered teenagers to. Possibly, to protect others, even a good takeout spot! Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. How many sweaty teenagers? Off the top of my head, I can think of Baja Fresh for lunch. It is located on El Camino about a mile or so north of San Antonio. For dinner...

    Krung Thai, Mountain View in San Antonio Shopping Center next to Trader Joe's
    Hunan Homes, Los Altos
    Amber India , Los Altos (upscale Indian, perhaps take out)
    Sumika, Los Altos (not sure about sweaty soccer players for this).
    Passage to India, Mountain View (dinner buffet for $14.95 pp)

    Just a few miles south on El Camino is Castro St/Downtown Mountain View which has a plethora of restaurants; just drive down the street & see what you feel like eating. Two recs here are Amici's Pizzeria & La Fiesta (240 villa st).

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      Also in PA, as a Baja Fresh alternative (but not too many veggies there): El Gruellense
      On Castro: La Bamba

      both are taquerias.

      Pizza Chicago if you like that style (not Chicago style ironically, rather thick crust, CA toppings).

      Fuki Sushi in Palo Alto

    2. P2I isn't a bad choice. They have a dinner buffet, so the ravening teenagers get all they can eat. The indian families bring their toddlers, it's a rather seriously family affair.