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mix matching stainless steel appliances

I am getting a new microwave with a fan, to go above the range. I was thinking of getting a stainless steel one, but I have all my other appliances white. I was thinking so, because at some point I want to start replacing the appliances as needed with stainless. Is it weird, or would it look bad to start with the microwave stainless and everything else white? We dont have any plans on replacing any other appliances as it is a new house, 5 years old. What do you all think?

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  1. My ideal choice - and one that you didn't offer, I know - would be to put a hood that matches your cabinets over the stove, and then get a countertop microwave. Failing that I'd likely match my microwave/fan to the rest of the appliances, but it's your kitchen. Remember that if you do want to go all stainless someday, the microwave will not be too much of an additional expense when the time comes.

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      I think this is a better approach. If the appliances are only 5 years old, who even knows what will be in when it's time to replace. Might as well get a countertop microwave and fan that matches the current appliances you have just in case you change your mind down the road and want to do something entirely different.

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        I can't imagine anyone wanting stainless steel other than it seems to be a status symbol. I have had stainless for about three years and the stainless is the hardest to keep looking nice, it scratches easily and never looks nice. I have a KitchenAid fridge. I would never ever buy stainless again and will replace mine as soon as possible with a textured finish.

      2. i am in agreement with almansa - go with a hood. I have had a microwave fans and quite frankly I have never found one that works well. I had a microwave fan that was black and matched the other appliances ie black. I replaced it with a true vent hood that was stainless and a stainless gas range and oven. They go well with the other appliances. I haven't replaced the microwave and so far have done without however my hubby wants one so I might take almansa's advice and get a small counter top one.

        1. I really don't think kitchen appliances should be considered some kind of art form They are supposed to cook, wash freeze, or cool.We have a white Amana freezer which dates back to the sixties. If we'd replaced it every time we bought other appllinces or moved into houses with different colors, we'd be a whole lot poorer AND wouldn't have as good a freezer.

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            This made me laugh - My mom gave me her old Montgomery Ward deep freezer 30 years ago. They bought it when I was a small child (I'm 52). That is the only appliance we haven't replaced in the 16 years since we built our home. Once the others started to go, I told my DH, "That's it - no more cheap stuff." The freezer is stil running strong.

          2. My appliances are/were white. I'm not in a position to do a complete kitchen makeover, so as I replace the appliances, I've replaced them with stainless. I didn't want to perpetuate the white, and I'm happy enough with how they mix and match.

            Also, for some of your older appliances (fridge, dishwasher) you might be able to replace just the outside panels in stainless. Check with the manufacturer.

            1. I'm guessing you have a kitchen with limited space (I have a grand total of 5 linear feet of open counter top), so a microwave on the counter would not be acceptable to me. I do tend to agree however that if all the other appliances are new, and are not going to be replaced within the next 10 years, that the one stainless item may look out of place.

              1. kind of depends on where the thing is relative to the other appliances. When I redid my kitchen I didn't want to replace *everything* since some of the appliances were relatively new and worked fine. I didn't replace the stovetop; it is black, and all my new stuff + my old DW are off-white (I'm not in the stainless-loving set, obviously). But the stove top is off to the side and on a different "arm" of the ktichen than anything else. I put in a stainless hood above it, and IMO it looks fine as a separate item. But if it were right next to the off-white oven or refrigerator, for example, I'd feel different. Agree with others that the microwave is probably the cheapest appliance out there, so maybe wait for stainless on that until you're ready to go all the way.

                1. Question: why doesn't stainless "go with" white? Seriously, do any of you have a stainless stockpot burbling away on a white range? Or perhaps a white enameled cast iron simmering on your stainless cooktop? My guess is: yes.

                  The "go with" question, for me (please, just my opinion!) is moot. Others in this thread have mentioned utility, which is first and formost in my mind when I buy an appliance. Does it heat? does it cool?does it light? does it whirr? All question that go through my mind. Now, I don't buy many appliances because a) I can't afford it and b) why fix what isn't broken?

                  Still, my 3 year old refrigerator just laid a very big egg, and I needed to replace it. My first requirement was that it was not just another big white box (my kitchen's paint colors are chartreuse, persimmon and robin's egg blue, if you will forgive the J.Crew catalog sweater color descriptions) that would glare out from all the colors. We did find a suitably sized (naaaaarrow) and suitably priced model in a "stainless-look" finish. Looks good. Deals with all the other colors in the kitchen. BUT! Since my little old four-burner range is fronted in "actual" stainless steel, and therefore a little different in appearance from the 'fridge, should I worry about matching?

                  Heck no.

                  Jeez, if left to my druthers I'd have a kitchen full of the colors and colored appliances from my childhood: one of them harvest gold, one avocado green, one coppertone...you remember. So I can't get them, or I don't want dilappidated appliances from 1974. But those colors "went" together just beautifully. Just as, say Rachael Ray's mix-n-match colored appliances "go" with her mega 6 burner range.

                  Buy what appeals to you or makes sense vis-a-vis economics or utility. Really don't worry about the "matching."

                  Heck, OP? Get youself a flaming red or French blue microwave or hood and generate a counterpoint to the scheme you have set up!

                  Bottom line: buy what you really like.

                  Have fun.