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Mar 6, 2009 03:14 PM

Need Recommendation for Boss

Help! My boss is visiting DC for business (from LA) and is looking for a dinner recommendation. I used to live in DC but have lost touch with the latest and greatest in the dining scene over the years. I need a few places to recommend that are somewhat near the vicinity of SEC headquarters. I had wanted to suggest Vidalia, but that will probably be too dressy-uppy after a day with a goverment agency. Can anyone recommend a great place to eat in that area that has a more laid back atmosphere?


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  1. I would recommend Charlie Palmer's or Bistro Bis. Both are great, depending on what you're looking for. Charlie Palmer's is a steakhouse, but not pretentious or stuffy like some. Bistro Bis is French and actually the sister restaurant of Vidalia.
    Art and Soul is a new restaurant in that area by Art Smith, Oprah's former chef. I haven't been yet but have heard great things.

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      These are all good recommendations. If she wants to head up Penn Ave. a little bit she can try Central.

    2. Good recs so far, but I'll add Johny's Half Shell.

      1. I also recommend Charlie Palmer's. If you can venture out a little further, the Blue Duck Tavern or Central would be good bets as well. Enjoy!

        1. If he's there on a weekend, Johnny's Half Shell would be my rec. On top of great food, on Sat nights they have a killer jazz gig that is easily one of the most underrated music deals in DC. Plus, if you're into it, you'll see a lot of folks who work across the street. Cashion and Fulchino are running a star studded wonderland in that regard.

          IF they have the Texas Crabs on the menu, just order them. You can thank me later.