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Mar 6, 2009 03:10 PM

Ruth Chris' Steak Place

Okay, don't make fun, all you true diehard foodies out there.
I actually made ressies for lunch at Ruth Chris' for Restaurant Week. Tell me what you think of the food. Thanks.

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  1. taxi- it's Ruth's Chris and the food is fine.

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    1. re: skylark938

      ditto...I've had great steak meals at both Ruth Chris and the Palm in recent years RW

      1. re: 9lives

        Same....they do a great job for RW. I am going for lunch again this year. A particurlarly good deal at lunch.

        1. re: BBHound

          Robin Williams? Right Wingers? Rich White's? I'm at a loss (and curious).

    2. Not the best steakhouse in Boston by any means, but the Cowboy steak is good. Hard to swallow $13 martinis, however.

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      1. re: ShelT54

        Easy to swallow, but hard to pay for. The Cowboy steak was pretty good though.

      2. I've gone several times in the past... the chocolate mousse cake is SOOOOOOOO good! The ribeye ranges from good to very good depending on the year.

        1. You know that Ruth Chris' is offering a Classic menu for $39.95? More choices, 3-course and a side dish.

          1. btw, for RW lunch at Ruth Chris, the bar is first come, first it's easy to go without a res.