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Ruth Chris' Steak Place

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Okay, don't make fun, all you true diehard foodies out there.
I actually made ressies for lunch at Ruth Chris' for Restaurant Week. Tell me what you think of the food. Thanks.

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  1. taxi- it's Ruth's Chris and the food is fine.

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      ditto...I've had great steak meals at both Ruth Chris and the Palm in recent years RW

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        Same....they do a great job for RW. I am going for lunch again this year. A particurlarly good deal at lunch.

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          Robin Williams? Right Wingers? Rich White's? I'm at a loss (and curious).

    2. Not the best steakhouse in Boston by any means, but the Cowboy steak is good. Hard to swallow $13 martinis, however.

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        Easy to swallow, but hard to pay for. The Cowboy steak was pretty good though.

      2. I've gone several times in the past... the chocolate mousse cake is SOOOOOOOO good! The ribeye ranges from good to very good depending on the year.

        1. You know that Ruth Chris' is offering a Classic menu for $39.95? More choices, 3-course and a side dish.

          1. btw, for RW lunch at Ruth Chris, the bar is first come, first served..so it's easy to go without a res.

            1. We had dinner at Ruth's Chris in DC last night, and some things were great, others were not. My ribeye had so much sinew I could not really cut through to slice off a piece to eat. My knife was of poor quality also, so it was a struggle. SO I gave up. Which was OK because we ordered some really delicious appetizers and sides, so I was FULL! The calamari was excellent - light and crispy rings with a sweet chili sauce; crab stuffed mushrooms - the filling might have been more satisfying if it were cooked more - but otherwise tasty; a blue crab martini - I thought this was excellent. My husband ordered the strip, which was delicious (I had bernaise to spare, so I stole a snig of his meat and sample with the bernaise, and it was good!). The Classic Menu offiering is a fantastic value - I would go for it. In hindsight, I wish had ordered a filet. We have had many other very satisfying experiences at RC. Stick to the basics - you will have a good meal.

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                Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me. So thoughtful. Looking forward to the luncheon with Mr. Taxi. Have never 'done' Restaurant Week.

              2. Just remember RC is famed for making obvious (by being incredibly liberal with the practice) the nearly universal steakhouse practice of buttering steaks. It's what makes many a fine steakhouse steak, but RC goes one step further than many others. Then again, if one's idea of steak is filet (bo-ring), then it can use all the help it can get....

                1. I spontaneously went to RC for lunch today for RW. I did eat in the bar area because I did not make a reservation.

                  New to this more upscale dining restaurant I waited by the door to the bar looking at some empty tables with no silverware and wondered if I just sat down like at a regular bar or would be seated.

                  Staff walked past me paying no attention. I finally asked a waitress and she sat me down. It seems that in the bar area, perhaps, the bartenders are also waitstaff.

                  A pretty good size room with maybe 8 tables of 4 down the center and maybe 10 tables of two around the perimeter plus the bar.

                  I noticed service was fast but not really friendly. All businesslike with no real chit chat between staff and customers.

                  Seems like you have to ask for bread here as opposed to it coming automatically. No offer of bread from the waitress but when asked she provided it promptly.

                  With the exception of dessert food was served very fast. Seems like the whole room got bogged down with a long wait...maybe 15 minutes after finishing the main course.

                  This was my first time at a higher end steak restaurant and I would call the food ok to good.

                  1. Seafood gumbo. Was mostly rice and seasoning. 2 small square pieces of tasteless seafood. Small maybe 4-6 ounce size. Not recommended at all.

                  2. Garlic mashed potato. Perfect size for one and flavorful garlicy but not a roasted flavor to me.

                  3. 6 ounce filet. Perfectly cooked medium as requested. The server made sure I didn't touch the plate because it was really hot with the sizzling butter. Nice he stressed that.
                  I realized, I don't like buttered steak. I think all the butter just killed the flavor of the meat. A couple of hours later something is still off for me in remembering the flavor. Like mentioned here, they overdo it. I can see how some butter could help the flavor of the steak but too much is really too much. But if you like this style I would say it was tender and flavorful.

                  4. It was the Symphony selection not the chocolate cheesecake. Turns out I enjoyed this the most. Small round dark chocolate cup filled with chocolate mousse and whipped cream. Next to it was a similar sized cup of cream like pudding with berries and topped with spearmint. Nice presentation and tasty.

                  FYI: with the exception of adding 2 shrimp(according to the photo's) this is one of the same $40 recession busters they offer.

                  All and all I am glad I tried the restaurant and compared to their regular menu this is a really good value but I didn't enjoy the meal enough to really want to go back in the future and I am surprised at that.

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                    I'd say the service you mentioned is pretty standard for a bar area, even at an upscale restaurants. I'm a huge fan of dining in the bar at restaurants (often no wait and additional menu options - mmm, can't help thinking of Chez Henri!), but the service is different. Not worse, just different - where, as you observed, the busy bartenders are often the waitstaff. To be honest, I actually appreciate the reduced "chitchat." :-)

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                      My steak is better, but overall I found ours in Sarasota to be descent. Still over priced and I like making my own steak, but not bad. I would go back

                  2. I'm usually not a fan of chain restaurants, but have to say that RC makes a damn good (and fattening) steak. I've been to their NYC and Austin locations as well and have never had a bad meal there. Enjoy!

                    1. Ruth's Chris is one of the more consistent good upscale restaurants that we have gone to. We have never left there feeling like we have been ripped off. Good service and good food every time.

                      1. I'll stop by tonight for dinner right after I go to the bank for a loan to pay for it. Sorry highrollers, there's no peice of meat worth $40.

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                          I agree, I go for special occasions, or with friends for a celebrations. But a good steak I cook at home for me. It is a fortune just for 2 when you can make the same at home for 1/3 the price. Besides you don't haven't to worry about finishing off the wine and a after dinner cordial without driving home. Just sit and relax.

                          I have a small grill, gas (no charcoal or propane in apts) but with some wood chips, proper cooking I love it. Pan sear and Oven is good too but I am also making grilled mushrooms, squash, onions, and stuffed tomato halves. Dinner for two, including wine and a great salad and pan cooked diced tomatoes in a spinach cream sauce for the same price as one dinner. Oh, a bottle of wine too. And grilled angel food cake (ok, store bought) with some fresh grilled fruit, cooled and then put in a balsamic reduction.

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                            Very nice, totaly addicted to the grilled veggies.

                        2. I've been there a few times, but I once had a steak with the blue cheese crust on top. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. It was so good....

                          1. love the steaks. skip the scalloped potatoes.