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Mar 6, 2009 02:57 PM

"Old" Bailey's Irish Cream - moved from General Chowhounding board

I have an unopened bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream that says "ideally consumed by" and has a date of 9/2008. My new bottle says - "Best Taste Before" 8/2010. So, would you drink the first bottle? Maybe refrigerate after opening? Or, chuck it?

And on a related note, do you refrigerate Baileys after opening? My dad says to b/c it has "cream" in it, but I never have.

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  1. I've had "bad" Bailey's Irish Cream before -- it will curdle... however, I've never refrigerated it at home, or back in the day when I was a bartender. That doesn't mean it won't spoil, but...hmmm... to answer your question on whether or not anyone would drink know, I would drink or at least try, the "Old Bailey's"... see if you can tell if it's spoiled -- usually, when things aren't opened, oxygen hasn't had the opportunity to get into it and change the chemistry of things...
    My veterinarian and my doctor have both told me (and I learned in college too) that most medicines have at least six months past their expiration, I'm thinking, Bailey's -- you could be safe. You'll know in under 10 seconds if you're not.
    Good luck!

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      I've had curdled bailey's too. Just refrigerate it. It is better than the alternative.

    2. I'm pretty sure Bailey's stopped using real cream in the recipe years ago. Real irish creams with actual cream like Coole Swan should be refrigerated. Bailey's - not so much.

      Open it. If it's bad, you'll know it.

      1. Baileys has a shelf life of 30 months, though their guarantee is 2 years from the day of manufacture, so it should be okay until the end of the month.... though things are never that exact.
        It shouldn't curdle however, it will just go rancid - the whiskey can only preserve cream for so long.

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