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Mar 6, 2009 02:44 PM

Is there a frozen pizza worth eating? [Moved from Pacific Northwest]

Let me anticipate your reaction - why would you want to? The answer is logistics while staying a friend's condo in Birch Bay with a dog. Little Caesars is the local choice and is just not worth it. The take and bake option has fallen short. Looking at the frozen food aisle in the grocery seems to indicate that somebody is eating all those pizzas. Are they all just cardboard crust and fake cheese?

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  1. I'm partial to the California Pizza Kitchen extra-thin crust, Sicilian style. I've been known to use this as a "plate" to hold a salad of micro-greens tossed with a simple vinaigrette.

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      Not bad, yes maybe not great but isn't the time you spend with your friends more important than the pizza or just you and your family enjoying the time. I get a local grocer generic pizza and jazz it up with my ingredients and presto, descent. I know not perfect but not bad

      Also out of town I bought a jar of sauce, yes a jar, some fresh mozz, some ingredients and pre made crust. Pizza. About the same cost and it was great. Loved every last bite So yes I don't mind frozen, I find it ok, not like homemade, but not picky, I love mine fresh but I learn to just eat whatever and accept it. California Pizza was ok, my homemade for the same price was just as good and made two vs one. even though it had a jarred sauce. Or jazz up a standard one, It still is ok for me. And no offense micro greens with pizza would never work for me, A cold beer and some fried stuffed jalapenos (is my families favorite with pizza) Micro greens would never work. Sorry, I do I like micro greens however.

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        My favorite pizza at CPK is the one served with a pear and gorgonzola salad atop it. For some reason, I've never thought to do the same thing at home.

        The CPK pizzas from the market are my current favorite, too. But I buy more of the Palumbo's thin crust from costco because of the price. I like to fix it up with fresh herbs, roasted or sundried tomatoes or other toppings to make the pizza taste fresher.

      2. In the Seattle area at least you can buy "A New York Pizza Place" brand (they have a restaurant in Maple Leaf) and it's not bad. It'd definitely real cheese, and better than those awful national brands.

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          I second this, probably the best frozen pizza I have had. You can doctor it up a little to make in better. I get it at PCC.

        2. Yes! Pizza Romana, imported from Italy (I bought them at Metropolitan Market in lower Queen Anne that used to be Larrys...). I've had both the black truffle & wild mushroom and the porcini & fontina - excellent! They were on the spendy side ($8-12, I think), but excellent.

          1. Can't you go to a local parlor, but a fresh piece of dough and make your own? Othewise, I concur that California Pizza Kitchen is edible -- you can jazz it up with fresh mozz, etc...

            1. trader joes has a line of pizzas that are imported from italy and are quite good. i've only had the margarita pizza, so can't speak about the others - but it's excellent. this is the only one i've had that i've purchased more than once.