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Mar 6, 2009 02:27 PM

Vietnamese near Newport Beach

Hi, I am taking a trip down south tomorrow to go to the OC museum and have heard there is good Vietnamese food in Orange County but was not sure where. Anything near Newport beach? I would be into Pho, Vietnamese sandwiches, anything really.

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  1. The only Vietnamese in Newport Beach (technically Corona Del Mar) is Bamboo Bistro on PCH and Dalhia (close to MacArthur Blvd). When I first went here years ago I really hated it. The menu was very Americanized. They didn't even call it Pho..they called it Noodle Soup.

    Things have changed for the better over the years. While it is hardly super authentic, it has some great menu items including much of what is available at the popular restaurant in Little Saigon called Brodard. They have the same tasty spring rolls that Brodard is so famous for. It is owned by the same family.

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      Drive over to Newport Seafood in Santa Ana. Hands down the best Vietnamese seafood in town. Plain storefront, but their House Special crab and lobster--and right out of the tank--oh, man.

      See this earlier Chowhound thread:

      4411 W 1st St
      Santa Ana, CA 92703
      (714) 531-5146

    2. You should really go to the mecca of Vietnamese food, Little Saigon (encompasses a few cities), it's only 20 minutes from Newport Beach. Eating Vietnamese in Newport is like driving all the way to Nevada, and stopping at the California/Nevada border casino instead of going to Vegas (30 minutes from the border). Try searching for Little Saigon in the LA board for some good suggestions.

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        Thanks. I will look for Little Saigon recs, That's what I meant when I said neat Newport Beach.

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          Xanh. Vien Dong. Com Tam Tran Quy Cap. Pho Thanh Lich. Pho 79. Quan Hy. Quan Minh Ky. Quan Hop. LĂșc Dinh Ky. Banh Mi & Che Cali. Banh Mi Cho Cu. Zon Baguette. Tip Top Sandwich. Pagolac. Brodard. Van's Bakery. Newport Tan Cang Seafood (actually in Santa Ana).

          All within 10 minutes' drive of the corner of Bolsa and Brookhurst in Westminster.

      2. you should just go to little saigon, its not that far family lives in newport, so i go to little saigon all the time

        i went a whole bunch of places the last 2 times i was home from ny, there are some great places:

        1. Of course Little Saigon is the mecca, and I don't really know how authentic (nor do I care, really) Bamboo Bistro is, but I've heard - very recently - three extremely favorable assessments of Bamboo Bistro; one each from a very talented young chef, a wine professional, and another restaurant professional/foodie.

          I think the 'authenticism' is probably compromised by some kind of fusion - Indian/Thai, I think - but that doesn't bother me.

          I haven't tried it yet myself, but odds are it's probably quite good.

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            Bamboo Bistro is not very does have some "authentic" dishes, but they aren't prepared very well; i dont necessarily care if its authentic if it still tastes good, but its just kind whatever as it just tastes like not very well prepared vietnamese

            plus with Little Saigon being so close to newport, id much rather just go there

            i have friends that like the place alot, but they're not foodies and they've never had real viet food, so they don't know what its supposed to taste like