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Stan's Donuts on TV Tonight

Huell Howser's show on CH. 28 tonight at 7:30pm will feature a visit to Stan's Donut Shop in Westwood. I will be visually stimulated while viewing those delicious creations, but plan on dropping by soon to sample some of Stan's donuts myself. Question: Besides the peanut-butter, what are some favorite donuts that I should not miss?

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  1. I think their plain glazed yeast doughnut is the best in LA. I also like the pretzel doughnut.

    1. I love the peanut butter banana.

      1. Haven't been there in awhile, but the last time I enjoyed their chocolate pretzel donut and cheese Danish donut.

        1. i went at 7:30am not too long ago and had the most incredible frshly made glazed buttermilk bar.

          1. Strawberry Cream Cheese
            Peanut Butter Chocolate (Reese's)

            1. My current fav is the peanut butter & jelly. Also love the pbutter & chocolate, the cinammon pretzel, cheese danish donut, chocolate jelly filled and the the pineapple upside down cake. Do I spend toooo much time at Stan's?

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              1. Saw that on TV tonight. Never been there, but have to make an effort to try that Peanut Butter donut.

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                  Choc choc chip cinnamon donut thingy -- been going there since high school, um three years:)

                2. Used to live there in college. They used to have a counter that served hamburgers, hot dogs and fries. Really good hamburgers and amazing fries. The drummer for a really cool LA band (The Question) used to work there.

                  I used to really like the peanut butter/chocolate chip, but I can't imagine eating it now.

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                    It was an Orange Julius when I was born!!!!

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                      I miss Orange Julius, there was one just down the street, then it became a mexican place that served Orange Juliuses, now it is an overpriced taco stand for gringos that doesn't serve Orange Juliuses!

                      1. re: Burger Boy

                        which overpriced taco stand are you talking about.

                        1. re: kevin

                          Machos Tacos on Vermont at Prospect. Not as big, not as good and more money than El Gran Burrito just down the street.

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                            oh, you're right, i've been there before. it looks like it could have been an orange julius in the past. by the way, their fish tacos are atrociously bad.

                  2. My fave has always been the raisin buttermilk bar, particularly if they have any UNglazed -- though the glazed are pretty much perfect, too.