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Mar 6, 2009 01:07 PM

Emergency, please help asap!

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully my title doesn't come out in the huge font it appears to have defaulted to.

Anyway... dh made this wonderful, tasty vegetarian chili to bring to a pot-luck tonight, that has one significant probably guessed by is WAY too spicy to bring for a group of nine whose tastes we don't yet know (I eat things medium-spicy, and I'd probably only be willing to have a couple spoonfuls, myself). He made it in a crockpot so wasn't tasting and didn't realize...

Anyway, we're due to bring this in two hours. He is at the store right now picking up some bread to bring with it, and if there is any magic ingredient we could add to de-spice it, I can call him and have him get it! He is very opposed to adding water since the current consistency is one he very much likes. Any an all ideas gratefully considered!

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  1. If you don't want to dilute it with broth, tomato sauce or water, how about serving it with a lot of sour cream?

    1. Add sugar and salt to taste until you get the right balance of flavors you want.

        1. re: GretchenS

          Gretchen beat me to it. I had the same problem about a week ago and got tons of great ideas from that thread Gretchen just linked. I used a combination of a couple of them...


        2. Thank you all for your speed, I clicked on the other thread and you're right, there are a ton of suggestions there!!

          Since dh is the one who did all the work of making it I'll have to see which he feels most comfortable with....I have a feeling he'll go for either chocolate or peanut butter :-) But since this will be a supermarket cell phone conversation, if one or two of the ideas worked particularly well, TDQ, I would love to know which, to narrow down our choices!

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            We added more of everything, except the spice, added honey, and some beer. The dollop of sour cream works well, too, but that only helps if you have influence over how its served. If people are serving themselves in a potluck situation, they may skip it.


            1. re: lauracohenromano

              DH came home before I could reach him. Of all the ingredients suggested in that other thread, the only two we have on hand are lemon and cocoa powder. Do you think we could use both, or is that not a combination that would work well together? (we do have some granulated brown sugar too, but concerned it wouldn't dissolve quickly, or that it would turn the cocoa powder into tasting too much like cocoa!)

              1. re: lauracohenromano

                I'm afraid I don't know as you have the two ingredients we didn't try. But, why not try to scoop out some into two different bowls, add a smidge of lemon to one, cocoa to the other and see what happens? Then, you can add them together and see what happens?


            2. Personally, I'd just add canned beans, and maybe a bit more tomato sauce or other liquid to dilute it.