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Gulfstream, Toscanova, Rocksugar, which one?

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Anybody recommend one of these over the others?

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  1. I take it you are going to be at the Century City mall.

    Gulfstream or Houstons. No reports yet on Toscanova.

    1. I like the salads at Gulfstream. The food at Rock Sugar is atrocious. Haven't tried Toscanova.

        1. I had drinks and appetizers at Toscanova last week and it seemed just fine. It was pretty much run-of-the-mill Italian probably on par, in my opinion, with Trilussa or Il Fornaio. Friends have gone for lunch and said it was decent.

          Gulfstream is expensive, but the fish is generally well-prepared. I've only had good meals there. It has nothing that blows me away, but is consistent.

          1. If it's anything like the Gulfstream in Newport, they do an excellent job. Pray for the best crab cakes ever (on special Saturdays in Newport), the Shrimp Orleans or something like that they serve on Tuesday is to die for, any halibut or swordfish or Caesar salad... it's all basic, but excellent. And much more fun to sit at the bar than in the restaurant.

            1. Thanks for the responses and feedback. We chose Gulfstream and weren’t disappointed. Servers were a little corporate but efficient. They demanded that one of my companions remove his hat before we were seated – haven’t experienced that before and didn’t exactly seem like such a haute establishment, especially since one of the servers sported a shiny tongue stud. Anyway it made for good dinner conversation.

              Salmon was okay, crab cakes were great. Clam chowder was meaty and well seasoned. Fries nice, if salty. Biscuits were delicious. All in all, solid, comfortable, good food.

              Somehow we ended up at Fraiche in Culver City for drinks and dessert. I’ve never had dinner there but have had drinks and dessert there before and everything I have tasted in that restaurant has been outstanding. Cheese plate was exceptional and they had Italian donuts that were so light and airy and came with a perfect vanilla custard and an Italian sweet wine for dipping. This place is great and I look forward to a full meal there soon. It probably helped the overall experience to have Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Oliver Stone, and Ron Meyer dining together two tables away. Oh, and several people were able to keep their hats on in that dumpy establishment.

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                'They demanded that one of the my companions remove his hate before we were seated".

                Same experience with me and a friend at Houston's. We sat down, ordered, and the manager promptly made his way over to our table and asked that the hat be removed. I asked him if he was joking, he said no, and said women were allowed but men weren't.
                This is a below mediocre restaurant in a mall with definate descrimination problems.