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Italian Ice!

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Hello all. I'm in Pasadena, but I'm the type that would not think twice about driving 100 miles out of my in order to try some good chow.

Does good Italian ice exist on the left coast?

Link: http://www.stanchfield.com/kevin

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  1. Good question...
    I was driving by this Italian Ice place on Montana Ave. in the shopping blocks in Santa Monica. Has anyone ever been to that one? Is it worth stopping at?

    1. I enjoy DiDio's on Montana in Santa Monica. They have homemade ices from fresh fruit and juices. The blood orange is a favorite of mine. I know they have another location somewhere, but I'm not sure where it is.

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        Here's a link to some more info on Di Dio's

        Link: http://www.gocitykids.com/browse/attr...

      2. There is fine Italian Ice at Valentino's Pizza just south of Manhattan Beach Blvd and Aviation from the McD's Frequented by Jay Leno and many others. Nice place.

        1. 1) South Street Philly Steaks in Westwood has italian ice from Philadelphia. 4 flavors (chocolate, lemon, cherry, and one rotating currently mango)

          2) Italian ice place in Brentwood Market area has many flavors from NY. He is moving into the adjacent grocery store soon.

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            When you say Brentwood Market do you mean the Country Mart at 26th/San Vicente?

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              It's that little shopping area near sunset and barrington where Maria's Italian kitchen is.

          2. Iv'e seen it in the frozen section at the Claro's in La Habra. I imagine all Claro's would carry it.

              1. It's appearing at farmers' markets all over the Southland, and I still love me some Joe's Italian Ice on Harbor Blvd. between Chapman and Lampson in Garden Grove (near Disneyland). That Joe-Latti... ahhh, casts me back to my salad days in New Jersey when the Italian ice truck used to drive around.

                Joe's Italian Ice
                12302 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92840

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                  You beat me to it Das Ubergeek! I love their italian ice, and their soft serve has me melting in puddles of joy as well.

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                    We tried Joe's a few months ago and were sadly disappointed.... the vast majority of their ices are made with artificially flavored syrups, not real fruit, and their ice is chunky and crunchy like a Taiwanese bing or a Hawaii shave ice, not the impossibly smooth and silky love-in-a-paper-cup that the best of NY offers (Lemon Ice King of Corona, I'm looking at you...)

                    Mr Taster

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                      I've driven by Joe's many times but have never stopped, because it looks like a lousy place that I went to years ago (in Miami, I think), and I wondered if it was part of a nationwide assault on Italian ice. Taster, do you know for a fact that "the vast majority of their ices are made with artificially flavored syrups, not real fruit," or are you guessing, based on the way they taste? The Web site ( www.joesice.com ) says they're "made here at Joe's daily with Fresh Fruit," although the claim is vague, since they go on to list various non-fruit ices in the same section (p. 4 of the menu). Maybe they're lawyers and mean, "At least one of our Italian ices is made with fresh fruit at least once every day." :-)

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                        Positive... I went and specifically asked which ones were made with fruit versus syrup and I think the guy gave me maybe 2 options out of the laundry list they were advertising.

                        Mr Taster