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Mar 6, 2009 12:52 PM

Anyone tried the "Cellar bar & grill" in Bedford, NS ?

Was passing this restaurant last night, and have never even noticed it before, then noticed all of the nice cars out-front ...

Just wondering if their food is any good ? I can't seem to find many reviews online for this place.

Also, if you've been, what are the prices like... judging by all the fancy cars out front it may be out of my price-range, but maybe not :P


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  1. I've been there numerous times and have somewhat mixed feelings about it. I loved the original Cellar on Brenton St downtown but this one doesn't have the same feeling for me. Not sure why.

    The food is usualy pretty good. They have a varied menu with lots of choices: pizza, pastas and mains along with a good selection of salads and appies. The most memorable thing I've had there are the risotto croquettes. I think the best bets on the main plates are the pastas. I dunno how to put my finger on my lack of excitement about the place; there just seems to be something missing. Menu is here: