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Mar 6, 2009 12:43 PM

Best Halifax diner/breakfast

Looking for the best diner for a great breakfast. Looking for a true 'diner' feel, with great food.

Have tried "Cora's" a few times, but find it really expensive and kind-of showy, also not that great quality of food.

Looking for stick-to-your-ribs, home-cooked (and awesome homefries if you know of anywhere too :P Thanx

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  1. There are many. What you need to find in the Halifax area is usually a "Greek" restaurant, in other words, owned by a Greek family. One of the best was the Athens on Quinpool. They have moved to new digs and I am not hearing favourable things. Move down Quinpool to The Spartan (across from the Oxford Theatre). You will get a wonderful breakfast with Grandma behind the counter (and the awesome homefries you're looking for) and the best rice pudding. A little farther down the block is the Ardmore where they still make shakes in the metal container.
    If you happen to be closer to the North end, head to Cousins on the corner of Robie and Lady Hammond. Many of us walk down from work for a homemade burger or grilled cheese at lunch.
    After breakfast these places have "specials" which always include soup or juice and rice pudding or jello.