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Mar 6, 2009 12:24 PM

San Diego: Mosaic wine bar

Gave it a try Thursday (located at 3422 30th St) and really enjoyed it. The wine (and beer) selections cover the span of varietals, regions and price range and the selections are very good. They also sell wine (and I'm guessing beer) on a retail basis. They serve food some of which is prepared on site; we ordered a charcutrie plate and some baked brie and were quite satisfied. It is very spacious inside with plenty of comfortable seating. Will be putting this place into the rotation. Although they serve food, they are not at present open for lunch (go to Wet Stone for that).

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  1. I went a few weeks ago and also had a good time. The bottles are pretty reasonably priced - it's much cheaper to go with friends and share bottles than to buy by the glass. Had a cheese plate which was quite good. Service was friendly but a bit disjointed - possibly because it was still fairly new at the time. It's a nice addition to the neighborhood. Oh, and the wines - we bought two bottles, my friend loved the tempranillo (don't recall the producer)and I loved the syrah (from Leal). Pretty good ratio, buying two wines and each of us finding one to really enjoy.