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Mar 6, 2009 12:19 PM

Amer Picon substitute?

I've given up on trying to find this product, or its reputed substitute, Torani Amer. Can anyone recommend anything that comes reasonably close to substitute? I have found some St. Raphael, which is a wine-based, orange flavored French aperitif. Perhaps that might work? Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.

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  1. not a fan of Torani Amer, much too vegetal (this was a bottle i ordered about a year ago, supposedly the formula has changed but not sure whether the change was before or after that). Some places use Ramazotti as a substitute (see also Boudreau's recipe http://spiritsandcocktails.wordpress.... which comes close) although i find it is more bitter and less orangey than Amer. I would suggest a mix of something a bit dark/spicy like Allspice Dram with something very orangey like Cointreau and add some bitters or a bit of Ramazotti, Nonino Amaro or even Averna for herbal character. Amer has a slightly toffee/vanilla quality as well which you might try to replicate (perhaps add a drop of Tuaca) -- good luck! Since you seem to be in Boston, you can calibrate against the Amer replica at Craigie (or the Amer at Drink/Green St-- not so much a fan of the Amer replica at Deep Ellum)

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      fwiw i did another side by side comparison of Amer and Ramazotti, the Ramazotti seems to have more anise notes while the Amer has more "coffee" notes, if that's any help...good luck

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        Have you tried St. Rapheal? Unlike Ramazotti, it's an aperitif with a bitter quinine flavor and some orange. I like the idea of mixing cointreau w/ Allspice dram. I'll give that a shot.

        1. re: craigasaurus

          have not tried it, will keep my eyes out for it, thanks!

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            Are you in the Boston area? I found it at a store right of the Mass. Pike exit in Newton, across the street fromt the Sheraton Hotel. The store had a whole shelf of it, and none of the bottles were priced. They sold it to me for $5!

            Anyway, according to Cocktaildb, Rapheal is a substitute for Punt e Mes, so I decided to do a little comparison. Not reallly the same thing - PeM is much heavier and more bitter; Rapheal is more Vermouth-like. I'd have to guess that it's actually closer to something like Dubbonet Rouge, as both are classified as quinquinas.

            1. re: craigasaurus

              sounds tasty, will have to check it out in Newton, thanks for the tip!

              1. re: barleywino

                Does anyone know a place in NYC or online that you can order St. Rapheal? I did some googling and fell short on actually finding a site listing it for sale.
                thank you

                1. re: dhs

                  I think I may have bought St. Raphael at Astor.

                  Agreed it's more in the vermouth family and not my favorite of those.
                  I regularly use Torani Amer, which I've ordered online. If I try hard to remember Amer Picon's flavor (sigh), I believe Torani is a bit heavier and maybe more molassesy, and less delicately orange.

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          Wow, it's so amazing how tangents to these threads emerge.

          Anyways, I've never really been all that into Tequilas, but on a whim bought a bottle of what I'm told is a pretty nice blanco. I'm thinking about making a Jaguar (by Tom Schlessinger, of Eastern Standard/Craigie Street) and it calls for 3/4 oz. of Amer Picon. Do you think I could do it justice if I poured equal 1/4 oz portions of Ramazotti, homemade Pimento Dram, and Luxardo Triplum (the only orange liqueur I have)? I realize this would turn into like a 7-ingredient drink, but nonetheless I'm willing to give it a shot.


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            sounds excellent...let us know how it comes out
            homemade Pimento Dram sounds great

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