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Mar 6, 2009 12:14 PM

West Roxbury dinner delivery

A friend who lives in West Roxbury just had a new baby. I would like to have dinner delivered for the family. I live quite a distance away and know nothing about the area. Can anyone recommend a place that would deliver dinner to West Roxbury?

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  1. just last nite i got delivery from Phuket, a West Roxbury Thai restaurant on Centre Street.
    It was excellent. It is your basic Thai w a gourmet flair. Great pad thai, duck, ribs, noodles, and apps...all good. Plus they have nitely specials. I don't know their number but they are defo listed. And they deliver in 20 mins.

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      I'll second the Phu Ket idea...FABULOUS Pad Thai and Mango Duck....also the dipping sauce that comes with the "Whale Tales" (basically shrimp wrapped in Won Tons then fried) is delicious.

    2. If they like Indian, Himalayan Bistro delivers and is excellent.