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Mar 6, 2009 11:53 AM

Astro Burger

I'm a big fan of Astro Burger. Specifically their Gardenburger. I had only gone to the SMB location, as I always lived around there, and I always got the same thing. (Garden Delux, no cheese, extra Thousand Island, cut in half, small onion rings, side ranch, and a medium Cherry Coke). I moved much farther east, and was relieved to find that an Astro Burger stood on the corner of Gower and Melrose. And it was a drive through! I drove on in, and ordered the usual, and was told they didn't put Thousand Island on their Gardenburgers, Huh? Yes they do! Anyway, I asked the guy if they could throw some on, got my food, drove home, super excited, and then.....dissapointment. Gardenburger was dry, and tasteless, and the onion rings were just horrible. Why? Is it owned by different people? So bummed.

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  1. We have eaten at both and the SMB location does Mexican food better. My wife always gets the quesadilla at SMB, but would never get it at Melrose. The Melrose spot has better Greek stuff. I have not had the Garden Burger but the hamburgers at both locations are interchangeable.and I mean that in a good way.

    1. Different owners. I once asked the people at SMB if they were a chain and they said, "no."

      1. where exactly is smb astro burger? i've always wanted to go to astro burger but don't know where they are! Thanks a bunch!

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          astro burger is the worst shit ive ever had in my life. NO ONE GO THERE!!!

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            Hi, yumyumintumtum, regardless of other peoples opinion of the place, I have always been 100% satisfied at the SMB location. It is on the corner of Santa Monica and Gardner, across from Fatburger. Be sure to get the onion rings-they're not the best I've had, but they're really good.

          2. Is their Gardenburger just the regular Gardenburger we can buy at the grocery store or is it one they make themselves and call it such?

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              Nope, it's the regular one we can buy at the store.