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Mar 6, 2009 11:48 AM

Rolled White Chocolate "Fondant"

A local pastry shop that sells high-end cakes. Refers to it's fondant covering as, "Rolled White Chocolate" I had a sample of it and it tastes like a soft vanilla tootsie roll. So, it's delicious!!!! I was wondering if anyone has a recipe for this????? I would surely appreciate it greatly!!!


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  1. Is it white chocolate flavored fondant, or is it modeling chocolate/plastic chocolate/chocolate clay? Both can be used to cover cakes, but are made differently and have slightly different characteristics.

    Here's a modeling chocolate recipe:

    For white chocolate fondant, I'd simply make up some regular homemade fondant and add some white chocolate Lorann oil brand candy flavoring. This is the fondant recipe I like:

    1. It's probably chocolate "Plastic" -- basically, you melt the chocolate, add corn syrup so the chocolate "breaks", then knead until smooth. It's fairly easy to make and quite delicious. Not as simple as fondant to cover an entire cake with.

      1. I was thinking that it was modeling chocolate also that is what I use it on my, "Highly Decorated" sugar cookies. But, I went to the shop and they gave me a sample it's not hard like my modeling chocolate before it is kneaded. It's soft so that's where I'm puzzled??? Maybe they are adding glycerin to keep from getting hard???

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          Careful: "rolled fondant" is much different from "chocolate plastique". I hope you appreciate this, but I dug into my old notes from cooking school, and I pulled out the recipe we got for white modelling chocolate. The point here is that you make it, store it, and use it at your convenience; rolled fondant must be used right away and cannot be stored and does get dry and brittle. Course, we used it only for small decorative bits: making a rose from was one of our tests (AFAIK, I did not use this recipe for draping, but it can be used as such). So, here is the written recipe I found:
          1# 10 oz. white couverture
          1 c. corn syrup (10 oz.)
          1/2 c powdered sugar
          1 tsp glycerine (only for draping or in a cold room)
          melt chocolate slowly on low temp, stir in corn syrup and sugar and glycerine.
          (if not for draping, use cornstarch in place of pow sug and omit glycerine).
          for your application, try the draping version first.
          Yes, I know, a couple of steps are missing, but I have not done this for quite a while and cannot fill in the gaps, but one tip I remember was to take the wad of modelling chocolate and put it into our pockets just before going to lunch. When we got back from lunch, it was warm, soft, and the perfect texture for rolling or modelling.

          1. re: jerry i h

            I knew it was different and as I stated the high end pastry shop will correct you if you refer to their rolled white chocolate as fondant. So, I definitely appreciate the distinction. I realized that I was making plastic or modeling chocolate because of the stiffness vs the softness of the sample from the pastry shop that I obtained.

            So, thanks very, very much for forwarding the recipe to me I will try it tonight.


            1. re: nikkibakes

              So? What was the result of all this searching for the perfect rolled white chocolate recipe? Care to share? ;)

              1. re: kayeoneats

                I'm curious how this turned out as well. It sounds perfect for something I'm planning to make for use in my Christmas gift baskets, especially if it holds up without getting dry like fondant. Nikkibakes, we need answers! :)

                1. re: kayeoneats

                  Never got one. But the shop was willing to sell me some for personal use. But, I think the guys wife got mad at him because she, "How dare he offer to sell what I have to make!!" The the quest is still on........

              2. re: jerry i h

                Jerry i h
                The recipe above,...Do you use it as you would use rolled fondant?

            2. Hi Nikkibakes
              Have you tried White Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant ?

              1. Martha Stewart has a recipe for white chocolate fondant that is pretty good. It tastes best if you start with a good tasting fondant, Satin Ice is a good brand.