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Mar 6, 2009 10:31 AM

favorite spots in/around chelsea

am visiting nyc this weekend and staying in chelsea. there was a time when i was in nyc frequently for work/play but haven't been much in the last two years. former favorites were tartine, le zoo, blue ribbon sushi... can't remember them all.

any chow-ish recs for lunch/dinner in the chelsea area? neither my DC nor i are hearty meat eaters (fish and chicken are fine). no preference on price/ethnicity - we just want good food without having to cross the city.

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  1. Sounds like you're broadening your search to West Village and Chelsea. I live in the area, and some of my go-to's are:
    Tre Dici (solid Italian)
    Markt (reliable Belgian...good beers on tap)
    15 East (great sushi)
    good (brunch)
    Morandi (brunch)
    Los Dados (decent Mexican...good margaritas)
    Grand Sichuan (Chinese)
    Empire City Bagels (great handmade bagels)
    Cafeteria (fun atmosphere...service sucks most of the time...good place for late night/comfort-food small plates)
    Otto (great vegetable sides, pizzas and fantastic gelato)
    Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop (solid sandwiches...the grilled cheese rocks)
    Rickshaw Dumpling Bar (quick, easy and delightful)


    1. Grand Sichuan (9th Ave at 24th) and Tia Pol (10th Ave at 22nd) are two of my fav places in the city...

      1. Add Co. on 24th & 9th (across the street from Grand Sichuan) for excellent pizza and RUB on 23rd btw 7th & 8th for bbq. I also like East of Eighth (also 23rd btw 7th & 8th) for brunch.

        1. Gascogne, on 8th Av., b/t 17th & 18th Sts., is a charming French bistro with very good food. They serve brunch and dinner on the weekend. If the weather turns out to be as nice as is being predicted, you might be able to sit in the back garden, though it probably won't be as lovely as it is during the warm weather months when it's decorated with plants and flowers.


          1. Don't forget Le Zie (no relation to the long gone Le Zoo), a wonderful neighborhood Tuscan on 7th Avenue and 20th Street. That and Markt are the places I return to most frequently in Chelsea.

            For a coffee-and-muffin breakfast or a delightful lunch (sandwiches, salads, and a small selection of prepared foods), I love the Blue Dog Cafe, a tiny shop on 25th just west of 6th.