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Mar 6, 2009 10:12 AM

Korean Fried Chicken in Denver/metro?

been reading a lot about the Korean style fried chicken at places like Bon Chon Chicken in NYC.

Do we have anything like that here? I want some, very very badly.

(For what I'm talking about check NYT link, but I think NYT makes you register...)

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  1. See recent link about Korean for nateco's, they've been a bit hard to come by.

    Would love to hear what you learn and I promise to report likewise.

    1. Please keep me posted if you find anything. There used to be a place in the 1980s that served this when I was growing up in Littleton. Korean-owned mom and pop shop, and all they served was fried chicken and french fries. Too bad they weren't open very long. I never realized until reading the NYT article just now that it was Korean-style chicken.... Duh! I never knew such a thing existed. No wonder it tasted so good. Man, that was the best fried chicken ever!

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        No luck so far but did have excellent chicken bulgogi at Restaurant Han Kang at 1910 S. Havana. First time ever in a korean restaurant so it may well have been mediocre, I'd never know. Although--no, that chicken was NOT mediocre. Or if it was, I sure would like some good chicken bulgogi.

        Turns out I like kimchee, who knew?

        As to the chicken, in lieu of the korean fried chicken in place like Bon Chon chicken in NYC, I found a recipe for a BONELESS fried chicken that's marinated in a garlic soy sauce then dusted in a flour/cornstarch/seasoning mix and deep fried, sounds similar except for being prepared with strips of boneless chicken. It's called ggan pung gi, from

      2. Have a look at our Korean entries at 2008 Denver Ethnic Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM at