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Mar 6, 2009 09:20 AM

Two weeks in Nice in April

Looking forward to spending two weeks in Nice this April, and would love some help with restaurant recommendations. We'll be staying in an apartment near the Hotel Negresco, and would prefer to walk to the restaurants. On our list so far (thank you to all on this board) are: Jouni La Reserve, Acchiardo, Le Bistro d'Antione, L'Ane Rouge, Le Merenda, La Zucca Magica, and Le Tire Bouchon. I know that several of these are bistros, and would love any suggestions for more bistro type recommendations. Thanks so much!

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  1. I just spent 5 days in Nice. Merenda is my hosts (who live in Nice 1/4 of the year) all time favorite restaurant in Nice. Please be aware you MUST make reservations here, they have no phone -- so you must go there during they day. They are also NOT open on weekends. Also, when you make the reservations you should see what's on the menu and if there is something you really want (like their lemon tart that is to die for), you should ask if you can reserve a portion for when you come in. Else, you may find that the food you see when you make reservations is not available when you go there. Also, beware the seats are some of the most uncomfortable you will ever sit on. The food is wonderful... I recommend their sardines, pesto pasta and lemon tart... but who knows if those will be available when you go in April.

    1. You'll need to take the bus to L'Ane Rouge, Zucca Magica and Jouni. Jouni will disappoint you, but everyone seems to want to go there; anyway you are paying for the view. To eat well go to Dom Camillo, L' Aromate, Le Diamant Noir, Keisuke Matsushima, Luc Salsedo.

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        The BUS? to L'Ane Rouge from Negresco? If they like to walk, I can't imagine taking the bus. Not that far. I never saw a bus when I was in Nice, but then, I wasn't looking for one. I enjoy walking, and the weather was pleasant. I prefer walking when I can, because I can see so much more, and discover things I don't know about beforehand.