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Mar 6, 2009 09:11 AM

What to Order at Scarpetta?

My mom's 60th birthday! Family going in a few weeks. What to order? What to avoid? Are the pastas big enough for a main dish?


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  1. The pastas are big enough for a main dish, but I recommend getting that as an appetizer and sharing it. The entrees are too good to miss! Definitely get the Spaghetti Pomodoro which was my favorite thing on the menu. If you like goat, the slow cooked capretto is fantastic. My boyfriend doesn't particularly like the taste of goat so he was not a big fan. The prosciutto wrapped veal is also outstanding.

    1. mixing the creamy polenta app with the braised short rib app (very small) is a great way to start a meal. the agnolotti dal plin is a seriously good pasta dish. no need for a secondo.

      1. I always get the polenta to start and the capretto.

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          I liked the polenta but I found the capretto to be tough (it's not dry, but the meat, except for the chops, was quite tough and hard to chew). Was your capretto moist when you dined there?

          1. re: kobetobiko

            Yes but I've heard but there's always luck of the draw.