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Mar 6, 2009 09:01 AM

Steakhouse N. County - SD

I understand there's a very nice steakhouse that serves 'dry aged beef' in North County. Please help, thanks.

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  1. Gosh I cant think of one that dry ages their meat. You have the usual suspects, West up in Carlsbad, Argyle at Aviara, Red tractons in Solana Beach, Ruth's in Carmel Valley, and Donovans and Flemings in UTC. I dont think any of them dry age.

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      Yes, Argyle at Aviara started serving dry aged meats after they finished their re-design in October of last year. I'm completely sold on the dry aged beef, they are so much better than the steaks served at the places mentioned above.

    2. *Maybe* West Steakhouse in Carlsbad. I try to age my own if I'm having a dinner party. Did this last week- bought a Costco ribeye roast 4 days in advance, left it on a plate uncovered in the fridge until the afternoon of the dinner. Excellent. I also do it with steaks.

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        I wish my memory was better, I thought it might be Temecula. Also, I followed AB's Good Eats dry aging process on a standing rib roast, I let it stay for 4 days, totally awesome.

      2. I know your post is focused on the dry aging of the beef. I have no info one way or the other about that. But my favorite steakhouse by far in the No. County is Red Tracton's -- love everything about it, the oldtime atmosphere, the servers that have been there forever, the bar scene in the front (particularly during happy hour), the steaks and the prime rib. Oh, wait -- I don't like how the horseradish (very real) drips from the shallow serving dish onto the plate, so I've learned to ask for it WAY on the side. The place is an absolute zoo during racing season with the track just across the street, but it is a fun, lively, people-watching bonanza.