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Mar 6, 2009 08:59 AM

Sichuan Garden--1/2 price Sushi

It's my own fault--why would anyone go to a Chinese restaurant on Smith St. (and not a particularly good one) for sushi? Well, I'll admit I was drawn by the offer (and the fact that they used to be a Japanese restaurant, and not a bad one). At any rate, I should have known better. While the prices were great, the sushi was, predictably, quite awful. The soft-shell crab tempura roll was not only soggy and cold, but seemed to have been fried a few days before. The eel-and-mango roll was composed of under-ripe mango and over-ripe eel. And the yellowtail roll seemed to have been made with some kind of yellowtail spam. Definitely not worth the price! I'm waiting for the aftershock to kick in.

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  1. yum.

    and godspeed after taking one for the team :)