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Mar 6, 2009 08:54 AM

11 Mad Pk? Daniel?

Have not eaten at either and have a single opportunity to go relatively no holds barred (no limit on food, probably a self imposed $250 or so limit on wine) one evening next week. I have winnowed down my thoughts to these 2, by all accounts, spectacular choices. Dinner will simply be myself and my wife (in our mid 30's) with the intention of having a quietly celebratory and romantic (but not in an over the top way:)) evening. Any thoughts out there on preferences? A 3rd option that i have overlooked? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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  1. GF and I have been to both places several times and have never been disappointed at either. That being said, the decision (I feel) would be based upon the vibe you are going for. EMP is a very large space, grand and sophisticated. With the exception of a few tables in the nook we have never thought of EMP as particulary romantic but have used it for several special occasion meals.

    Daniel, although large in the dining room, seems much more intimate, lighting is more subdued, things are more hushed, much more of a romantic feel.

    The food and service are both wonderful at both places.

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      thanks!! that is great feedback! Question for you - have you been to Daniel since the recent renovation?

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        Yes, a few times. Much more sedate but very nicely done.