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Mar 6, 2009 08:54 AM

Barbecue in Manhattan for a group

I'm looking for a good place to take a group (20-25 people) for a birthday thinking barbecue and would appreciate any thoughts....other suggestions regarding places that are good for a group and won't break the bank also appreciated (I'm thinking $30-40 a head). Thanks!

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  1. I would consider Daisy Mae's and the Whole Pig Gig.....and order other items around that.

    1. I like Blue Smoke. I would check them out. Never been to Dinosaur BBQ, but some people love it.

      1. For that many people, the who what and where are important. You can take a big chunk of RUB, the tables downstairs at Hill Country are "communal" feeling, Dinosaur has what seems like good areas for a group ( though it is my least favorite for the food and could be hard to get to for some)... Blue Smoke has a balcony...

        1. I like RUB best for NY bbq. Blue Smoke's great too but much pricier. Not a big fan of Dinosaur. We used to go there sometimes when I was growing up (lived in Ithaca, not far from the original location) and I always thought the ribs tasted like christmas ham. I always keep a bottle of their Foreplay spice rub on hand in the kitchen though.

          1. I second Blue Smoke. Nice atmosphere, good service...great wings!