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Barbecue in Manhattan for a group

I'm looking for a good place to take a group (20-25 people) for a birthday celebration...am thinking barbecue and would appreciate any thoughts....other suggestions regarding places that are good for a group and won't break the bank also appreciated (I'm thinking $30-40 a head). Thanks!

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  1. I would consider Daisy Mae's and the Whole Pig Gig.....and order other items around that.

    1. I like Blue Smoke. I would check them out. Never been to Dinosaur BBQ, but some people love it.

      1. For that many people, the who what and where are important. You can take a big chunk of RUB, the tables downstairs at Hill Country are "communal" feeling, Dinosaur has what seems like good areas for a group ( though it is my least favorite for the food and could be hard to get to for some)... Blue Smoke has a balcony...

        1. I like RUB best for NY bbq. Blue Smoke's great too but much pricier. Not a big fan of Dinosaur. We used to go there sometimes when I was growing up (lived in Ithaca, not far from the original location) and I always thought the ribs tasted like christmas ham. I always keep a bottle of their Foreplay spice rub on hand in the kitchen though.

          1. I second Blue Smoke. Nice atmosphere, good service...great wings!

            1. I second Daisy Mays, my wife had a party there for me and the food was awesome, laid back atmosphere and quite affordable. While I like Blue Smoke, I don't think it is cheap for large groups.

              1. I went to a party at Daily Mae's and it was great. One note: ask if you can turn the TVs off for the party... they have a bunch of them and they're out of place and distracting.

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                  Thanks for the great suggestions. Will check out Daisy Mays and Rubb....both sound like good options!

                2. If people are drinking I dont think Blue Smoke is going to work

                  1. Daisy May's is my personal fave and certainly won't break the bank.

                    1. I Agree with those who suggest RUB... except that 25 people may take up over half the restaurant. You definitely should check with them in advance. What's great about RUB is you can call ahead and get an entire smoked pork butt (shoulder) set aside for your group (for 25 you'll probably need about 5 of these). They give you the whole butt shoulder, some white bread, and a pair of tongs and everyone just goes to town.

                      I'm surprised at some of the negative remarks about Dinosaur... while it is probably not good for a large group since it's so far away, I've found it to be far and away better than Blue Smoke.

                      1. No one mentioned Hill Country? Was just there last night for a friend's birthday, and found the space perfect for our large group. Found the combination of moist and lean brisket great, but not too enamored with the sausage, which was highly touted. Sides were fine, and others liked the different types of meat they got too.