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Mar 6, 2009 08:24 AM

Ayada, Great Thai in Elmhurst

Went to Ayada for dinner last night after having had take out a number of times. This place is intimate in a way that the new Sripraphi can never be but is just as authentic and tasty. We had a perfect bean thread soup with ground chicken and tofu, a sour curry that was better than I've ever had before and chinese brocolli with crispy pork that was light and flavorful. My boyfriend also wanted me to write that the charm of this place can only be rivaled by that of it's owners/servers.

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  1. Ayada -- in the "Plaza" next to Penang...

    Last week had fried pork strip appetizer, shrimp rolls, fried tofu with dipping sauce, always nice whole fried red snapper with chili-garlic sauce, and a noodle dish with (fresh) squid. They serve their food generally as spicy as you like it -- the papaya salad we've had in the past is very spicy.

    Used to be BYOB not sure anymore as they had beer on offer

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      I think you're thinking of Nusara--which is in the strip mall w/ Hong Kong supermarket and penang and others. Ayada is on woodside avenue.

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        Ayada is on a mini strip across the street from Shallot and near newly opened Wasabi Point.

        Nusara in the food mall is very good though. Those are 2 of my favorite Thai's right there.

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          There's a much longer thread about Ayada going on currently here: