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Mar 6, 2009 07:49 AM

Discount/Wholesale Liquor in NYC? (wedding)

Hello. I need to buy a fair amount of booze to stock a wedding bar and want to know if anyone knows of a cheap discount or wholesale liquor store in NYC. Someone told me I can save quite a bit by buying in NJ, I think because their taxes are lower. Can anyone verify that? It's like a $10 toll, so I'd have to do some math...Thanks in advance!

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  1. Try PJs uptown Manhattan. Or North End in the Bronx. I don't know about New Jersey.

    1. Try the liquor store at Costco. You do not need a Costco card. There is one in L.I.C. and another in Brooklyn by the waterfront. Great prices. If you do have a Costco card, they have cheap prices on water, beer, soda, juice.

      Congrats and good luck.

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        Sorry I disagree wholesale wines and liquors on Broadway and Astor place is better prices, far better selection and a knowledgeable staff

        1. re: Jack_

          Better than PJs and North End? Really?

          1. re: erica

            Couldn't tell you if they are better than PJs or North End, never been to either

            As Tay mentions below the store on Neptune is also good, I think it is called Best Buy Liquors, it's across the street from Totonos so you can get good pizza

            1. re: Jack_

              I think you're right about the name and you're definitely right about the pizza! There is also a great soup place there called (what else?) The Soup Shop.
              Word of caution: Although they have a parking lot, it's a madhouse there. I'd definitely recc a 2nd person to sit in the car.

        2. I don't know first hand about their prices, but EVERYONE I know tells me the best prices are to be found at the big liquor store on Neptune Ave and about W 15th St.

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            Yes, bingo. Diagonally across the street from Totonnos (two birds, one stone!). It's called Best Buy Liquor.

          2. Jersey indeed does have much lower prices on liquor so it's worth the toll if you are buying alot.

            another tip is to find which Trader Joe's in NJ sells liquor - call their 800 # or check website because at least last year there was only one Trader Joes selling wine etcx
            the reason for this is you can buy the Charles Shaw wines
            aka 2 buck chuck - though it was $3 a bottle last time I checked on the east coast.

            seriously unless you are going for high end - this is a mid range wine at an amazingly cheap price - makes you feel like you are buying wine in france, where price doesnt always dictate good value or quality.

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              From here in Staten Island the go-to NJ place is Bayway World of Liquor just over the Goethals Bridge. It's not so much a question of taxes, but their base prices are very good. I tend to stock up on Spanish and Portuguese wines for everyday drinking. Of course, it presumes driving and a toll, but if I buy a case or more at a time, it seems worth it.

              Bayway claims many of its wines are cheaper than at other places in NJ, as well.

            2. I realized the other day how much I have wasted over the years for not buying at Costco liquer store. No membership needed for liquer store and cafeteria. Love the pizza at cafeteria too.