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Mar 6, 2009 07:17 AM

oysters and seafood in Paris

Will be in Paris in a couple of weeks staying in the 5th. Need some recs for the best oysters and seafood in general while there. Doesn't need to be in our neighborhood and price is not a major concern, we are looking for the best overall experience.

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  1. caseys- sorry that I can't recommend a specific place for great food but I can tell you that as you walk the streets of Paris you will see many, many oyster stands - these are generally located right outside of restaurants and you can order them to eat outside or sample to decide if you'd like to dine at that establishment.

    The great thing is - you get an upfront idea of the overall quality control of a restaurant by viewing/sampling the raw bar outside.

    As always - if it smells "fishy" - walk, better yet - run, away

    1. Huiterie Regis, right at the Mabillon metro stop is a favorite of mine. Dozen oysters and a glass of muscadet for @23 Euros. Teeny tiny spot and always felt very authentic. All shucked to order. Le Duc for big bucks was great as well. Oddly enough they had the best butter l have ever eaten.

      1. If price is no concern, the best overall seafood experience is no doubt Le Divellec. As DCM says, Le Duc is good too, but it's now a very old-fashioned place with its unchanged Slavik setting. You also have the good brasseries, Garnier for example being pretty good with seafood. And the more simple fish restaurant include La Cagouille, l'Uitr (both close to Montparnasse).

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          Love La Cagouille. Also Les Fables de la Fontaine for more creative fare (excellent but a little spendy).

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            The chef at Leo le Lion, Didier Mery, is from Le Divellec. The menu is diverse, with several seafood choices. Priced reasonably, given the high quality ingredients. About a block from the Ecole Militaire metro. For the ultimate seafood experience, Souphie has it pegged; Le Divellec is #1.

          2. L'Eclume on the short street that connects the Marche St. Honore with Rue St. Honore. Very small, open to the street, minimal wine selection. All the seafood is of impeccable freshness (and not cheap), and displayed within sight of the tables. In December, I had violets and, for the first time, pousse-pieds ("goose feet" is one English translation.

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              I LOVED L'Eclume when we went there in Jan 05. was not able to find it again last year! Back then the wine choice was Muscadet or Sancerre. The oysters were pristine.

              La Cagouille at 14 place Konstantin Brancusi (near rue de l'Ouest) in the 14th is not far from the 5th, and is my favorite fish place just about anywhere.

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                It was still there as of December 2008.

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                  I knew it was there, I just couldn't "find" it! The time before, I was driven there in a car, so didn't have the usual points of reference I have for the places I love.