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Mar 6, 2009 07:02 AM

I'm looking for a delicious sandwich in Old City Philadelphia

I'm a sandwich guy, and am looking for something new for lunch. Tired of the run-of-the-mill sandwiches and looking for something delicious, interesting and isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. Any suggestions?

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  1. Walk a few blocks north to Paesano's on Girard and you will get a great pig sandwich.

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      I agree. We went to Paesano's last week and it was great. We had the roast suckling pig sandwich and a panelle which is a Sicilian sandwich withtchick peas, fennel , sun dried tomatoes and some kind of sauce. Very good.

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        Paesano's is hardly a "few blocks" walk from even the northernmost border of Old City.

        You're not going to find anything as interesting in Old City, but you can reliably get good sandwiches at Campo's and Gianfranco's.

        South Street (what most people consider a few blocks walk from Old City) has the city's best gyro at South Street Souvlaki, and good middle eastern sandwiches at Alyan's

      2. if there are any sandwiches that aren't run of the mill in old city... i sure haven't found them yet! i'd definitely third paesano's, but it's more like a 15 or 20-min walk from old city. or 2 stops on the el - it's right there by the girard station.

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          Yeah, you are is a long walk (not that I've tried) but an easy trip on the el...

        2. Old City get s bad rap. Yeah, it's a touristy destination but it does have some great stuff if you know where to look.

          Eulogy- Napolean Burger (probably one of the top 3 burgers in the city)
          Sassafras- Bison/Ostrich Burger w mixed green side salad
          Cafe Ole- Excellent pressed panini's w a refreshing green iced tea.
          Aromatic House of Kabob- Super Persian (sauteed spinach, tomato, mushroom, feta w either chicken or lamb) or Falafel sandwich.
          Nick's- Roast Beef Italiano w au jus (awesome, cheap sandwich)
          Campos- While they have the best cheesesteak in the neighborhood, have you tried the their grilled chicken sandwich (Valentines) or a Mamma Mia (Prosciutto, sopressatta, provi, roasted peppers) or the Caprese (mozz, tomato, prosciutto,'s insane) Unfortuantely it is pricey and cash only.
          Triumph- Hot Smoked Salmon Club
          Race Street Cafe- I never had a bad anything at Race St. Excellent food including a nice lunch time selection of sandwiches.
          Plus Mulberry Market and Sassafras Market make a great (cheap: $5-6) Boars Head hoagie and will load them up w all the fixings.

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          1. re: juice

            Thanks for the suggestions..Juice you seem to be a sandwich enthusiast like myself, I can appreciate that! This list should keep me busy for a little while.