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Mar 6, 2009 06:28 AM

Breakfast near Border's On S. Broad Street

My foodie sister and brother in law are coming from NY for the weekend. We are going to a book signing at Borders. I would love some recomendations for around there. We will be walking , so that needs to be a consideration. We are going to do Honey's , Teri's, or Sabrina's on Sunday. Thanks in advance

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  1. I recommend Honey's or Sabrina's for Sunday. Both have crazy lines but are good. I prefer Morning Glory but most on this board would disagree.

    The ONLY breakfast place I can think of near Border's open on a Saturday is Marathon Grill. It's not foodie-level, but it tries to be. A nice hole in the wall not far from there (17 between Walnut and Locust) is Little Pete's if you like greasy spoons.

    1. LaCroix only has their fab brunch on Sun, but they do have breakfast and lunch is available at 11

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        Are you looking for Sunday recommendations or Saturday? (I'm thinking Saturday because it's a looong walk to Honey's from Borders. If you're looking for a Saturday recommendation, the Dutch Eating Place in Reading Terminal has great pancakes. There are a few Marathon's close to Borders, and there is the Continental and Parc a few blocks away.

      2. Since the weather's so nice out (finally!!!), you could walk to 7th and Chestnut - maybe 10-12 blocks? - and go to Jones. It's a Stephen Starr place, which may be a plus or minus for you, but DH and I have had some happy brunch times there. Omelets with tater tots, pancakes, monkey bread... mmm...