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Mar 6, 2009 06:12 AM

Jersey Burger

I was driving down Main Street in Belmar and saw that a place called "Jersey Burger" was going to open this spring in the space previously occupied by the sadly overwhelmed an overmatched J's Cafe. Anyone know anything about this new place? Is it part of a mini-chain?

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  1. Wow, another burger place, I can't imagine anyone could think that a good idea.

    Personally, I wish someone would open an Italian bar and serve Irish food!

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    1. re: MGZ

      We used to have a place in Chicago called Carlo's-Murphey's that was Irish Mexican.... -mJ

      1. re: njfoodies

        There's a place like that in Neptune - it's called Kelley's!

        OK, so the Great Recession has spawned a new generation of burger places trying to position themselves between fast food and fine dining. All I want to say is give us something fresh, change the way we think about burgers.

        By way of examples, the Trinity burger with it's homemade ketchup and fois gras decadence. Last summer, I ground veal and made stuffed burgers with pockets of prosciutto and cheese - grilled them over a wood fire and dressed with lemon and rosemary. Even the corned beef burger at Boom seems quite intriguing.

    2. Jersey Burgers appears to have opened (Ironically, I saw the sign on my way home from Boom and, so, did not stop). There does not appear to be a website yet.

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        went by last night on our way to new mexican place nearby --- Casa Tequila (look for my ho-hum interview soon)... saw that JB was open, but at about 730 there wasn't a soul in there other than the staff.... from what I understand, it's run by the same people who ran J Cafe out of business at the same location... I am more than leery about trying it out

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          1. Have you seen the buzz about Boom Burgers here on chowhound, real people, real experiences...


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              I had a "Jersey Burger" at a local diner. It was a burger with pork roll and cheese on a hard roll! (Review: I found the idea more exciting than the burger!)