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Jersey Burger

I was driving down Main Street in Belmar and saw that a place called "Jersey Burger" was going to open this spring in the space previously occupied by the sadly overwhelmed an overmatched J's Cafe. Anyone know anything about this new place? Is it part of a mini-chain?

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  1. Wow, another burger place, I can't imagine anyone could think that a good idea.

    Personally, I wish someone would open an Italian bar and serve Irish food!

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      We used to have a place in Chicago called Carlo's-Murphey's that was Irish Mexican.... -mJ

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        There's a place like that in Neptune - it's called Kelley's!

        OK, so the Great Recession has spawned a new generation of burger places trying to position themselves between fast food and fine dining. All I want to say is give us something fresh, change the way we think about burgers.

        By way of examples, the Trinity burger with it's homemade ketchup and fois gras decadence. Last summer, I ground veal and made stuffed burgers with pockets of prosciutto and cheese - grilled them over a wood fire and dressed with lemon and rosemary. Even the corned beef burger at Boom seems quite intriguing.

    2. Jersey Burgers appears to have opened (Ironically, I saw the sign on my way home from Boom and, so, did not stop). There does not appear to be a website yet.

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        went by last night on our way to new mexican place nearby --- Casa Tequila (look for my ho-hum interview soon)... saw that JB was open, but at about 730 there wasn't a soul in there other than the staff.... from what I understand, it's run by the same people who ran J Cafe out of business at the same location... I am more than leery about trying it out

      2. Have you seen the buzz about Boom Burgers here on chowhound, real people, real experiences...


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          I had a "Jersey Burger" at a local diner. It was a burger with pork roll and cheese on a hard roll! (Review: I found the idea more exciting than the burger!)

        2. We split a digression about Casa Tequila off to a new thread. You find that topic here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/623812

          1. So have you been there yet? It still has that fresh paint feel, even though I think they opened at the beginning of May. Fantastic burgers, in that fast food way (soft bun, special sauce and pickles, no choice on cooking temperature or cheese). Boylan's soda on tap, the kind with the real cane sugar, and very very good onion "haystacks" and fries. Our first visit, they were terribly oversalted. Second visit, only slightly less salty (real sea salt is really very salty), but bearable. Haven't tried the hot dog or anything else, not that the menu is much longer.

            They seem to have developed a loyal, if small, following. We'll see how they survive the summer, I think the burgers are better than Bobby Flays, no real wait other than cooking your food to order; not as fancy as Boom (there are seats inside, clean decor, and nice tables under umbrellas outside if it ever stops raining, but it's not a "sit down" restaurant like Boom. I actually liked Jersey's burgers better than Boom, too, but haven't had enough to be sure). My hope is that these guys make it, though I can't imagine Boom will survive unless they get a liquor license and dim the lights.

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              Personally I think Boom is exceptional compared to other burger restaurants in the shore region. I went into Jersey Burger the other day and I would not return. The experience of that 'burger joint' was equivalent to that of being seated in a McDonalds or Burger King, I actually was wondering why there wasn't a drive thru installed on the side of the restaurant, because that facade would be more fitting. There food was not prepared the way I asked for it to be served and I did not find the atmosphere very intriguing. During my awful experience, I learned that they are also the owners of J's, that I felt unsuccessfully copied Kaya's Kitchen. Now obviously they are trying to copy the superior Boom restaurant and failing miserably. Every time I patronize Boom I find health conscious menu items and love the taste of the burgers because they are lean and tasty. Also, my favorite new item is the Tuna Burger. The chef serves the burger with soy and wasabi making this burger 'melt in your mouth' delicious. Good Luck to Jersey Burger but I refuse to return to that joint, I'd rather spend my summer meals in the unparalleled Boom restaurant with excellent food, and great service.

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                Are the burgers charbroiled at JERSEY BURGER ..

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                  I disagree. Jersey burger is a burger joint. Boom is a restaurant. The difference is that Jersey burger makes fast food, properly (cooked when you order it, unlike real fast food places), with fresh, homemade fries and fantastic onions - not rings, but very tasty, if salty, and the burgers are exactly what a fast food burger is trying to be, made with real meat (can't remember if they're charbroiled, but seem to think maybe), lettuce, tomato, and special sauce, but cooked til done, no customizations. Jersey burger is an inexpensive fast food place with real soda, real chairs, good outdoor seating (if it ever stops raining), and nice people. Also, empty, which is a shame, though I've had two people accost me as we were walking in, raving about the place.

                  Boom is a restaurant that makes hamburgers. Very different. Yes, you can bring wine, and get tuna and wasabi and veggies, but it's not really the same category at all. And it's a shame that you panned the place on the basis of that. I actually didn't think the burgers were all that great at Boom, though we haven't had a chance to try them very many times, and thought the lighting was way to bright, decor a little odd, for a place aspiring to Proper Restaurant status. I liked the fancy veggies and cloth napkins, don't get me wrong, but it's just a completely different category.