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Mar 6, 2009 05:22 AM

Good Wings in Durham Region?

Anyone know of a good wing place in Durham besides Wing Shack in Whitby? I used to frequent the one in Ajax but now it's a Wild Wing restaurant.

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  1. I like Wild Wings because the selection of sauces, but the wings are just average.

    The Crown & the Firkin in Whitby, are decent nothing amazing, but Mondays and Thursdays are 25 cent wing nights, which makes it very worth while. If you like dry wings and not saucy their dry rub Cajun is quite nice.

    Jax's Fillin Station in Oshawa (Formerly Jacks' Fillin Station) has really good wings, but the atmoshpeher isn't that great. But probably some of the better wings around.

    Theres a wing place in Whitby, Wow Wings I think, its on HWY 2 east of Brock, I've been told they have good wings, but never been. They have a similar style to Wild Wings as far as sauces, but the wings are suppose to be better.

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      The Tilted Kilt at Brock St and Mary are pretty good, St Louis wings @ Harwood and 2 and one on Brock St N at Baldwin in Whitby, Also a Wing Shack on 1121 Dundas in Whitby, if thats what you like.

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        Atmosphere isn't that great at Jax? Care to explain please?

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          Its kind of like a hole in the wall type place. A lot of regulars, sometimes peanut shells on the floor everywhere. Just not the most comfortable atmosphere. Not a place you feel necessarily as welcome in as you would at like a Denny's or Montanas.

          I remember one time we went in at about 7pm, at 8:30 they had a band coming on. We sat down but when we we're going to order the waitress told us that this band was playing, made it sound like a well known type band, that we'd never heard of and then said if we do want to stay to eat either we need to buy tickets or get out by 8:00pm. The whole conversation and everything was a little weird.

          But I still continued to get wings there about once a month. Haven't been back since the new owner took over though. That was maybe a few months ago.

          Its worth a go, some people do really like the place. My friends and I just didn't feel as welcomed the times we've eaten in. Normally I get wings for take-out.

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            Yikes! Maybe I'll just do the take-out. Thanks for the tip ;)

      2. Hey thanks so very much for your help! I can't wait to check out these places! :)

        1. After having lived here for 28 years, I've sampled pretty much every wing in the area. After my exhaustive search, I settled on:

          Buffalo Style Wings
          800 King Street West
          Oshawa, ON L1J 2L5
          (905) 571-9464

 Oshawa as being the best, and haven't looked back in 10 or so years. They continue to float my proverbial wing boat. Awesome wings.

          1. I would recommend the wings at Magwyers pub in Ajax (~Bayly and Harwood). Their wings are a good size and come in a variety of different sauces and rubs. Tuesdays are wing nights!

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              Ya know I've always wanted to try there but it looks so small. Thanks I think I'll check them out this Friday :)

            2. The original comment has been removed