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Mar 6, 2009 05:13 AM

Papa's pizza in Wakefield

anyone know about the pizza at this place? I think it is either called Papa's pizza, or Sub Shop Restaurant, and it is on Lowell Street, next to the Prime Gas station (intersection of Lowell and Salem). A friend of mine travels from Lynn to get the pizza, he says it is so good. I cannot find any ingo on it, and cannot even find a listing for it. I work nearby, so I took a drive by this am, and am just curious. Would LOVE to have a great pizza place near the office. TIA

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  1. Got my answer!! Told my boss I heard good things about this place- it is called The Sub REstaurant, I guess- He was on the road, and was going to swing by to pick up a pizza- I called and called- the line was busy- he got there, and they are closed, so I will never know if they were any good!